Victoria Beckham's line has long been impressive for its clean-lined, tightly edited designs with real adult women in mind, and this beautiful, simple white bag exemplifies that look.

Buy The The Victoria Beckham Baby Half Moon Bag

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  • psny15

    Victoria Beckham bags would sell if they were $ 200 range – ive seen no one in the city carry her bags (they are just plain and simple and blah)

    • Sparkletastic

      I agree. They are completely uninspired. And I have no idea how she still has a line. I haven’t seen anyone wear anything of hers.

  • Sparky

    I never, EVER buy ANYTHING from celebrity lines be it fragrance, shoes, bags, whatever. I’d feel like a fool wearing it.

    • Roxana May

      That’s how I am as well, but especially with luxury goods! I could never see myself paying $2000 for a VB bag. I think celebrities are better off selling cheap-ish items as they have the advantage of a large following.

  • kemiia

    So boring. Blah is the perfect description for this bag, and in white too.

  • Rama

    Her clothes are way better than her accessories, I think.