Thom Browne's bags are usually very traditional and formal, but this miniaturization of his most popular women's design gives the look just a bit of casualness.

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  • Kate

    I love this.

  • FashionableLena

    I like the shape and silhouette, but it seems a bit busy.

  • Justice J. Srisuk

    I can’t explain why, but I like the fact that Thom Browne went with brass hardware instead of the more traditional gold, silver or palladium. The color of the brass lock, clasp mechanism and handle attachments offset the ebony leather in a distinctive way. I would love to see it with gunmetal or maybe even black ceramic hardware!

  • Lisa

    I was intrigued enough to look it up, and it’s really very cute. I love the striped leather lining too (at that price I expect a leather lining.) I won’t buy it but I’d admire it on someone else :-)

  • Jerri R

    I would rather get a Mark Cross box bag.