McCartney's Falabella has enjoyed a long period of popularity, but it's high time that people who love designer bags but don't love leather had a more modern option. The Beckett Boston Shopper is exactly that. On the other hand, if you like leather and want a more affordable option, it's pretty similar to the Rebecca Minkoff Perry Satchel, which retails for $495. (It also looks like several other things, if we're being real here, but we still think it's a great option for the leather-averse.)

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  • Mysteries Revealed

    Who’s wants to spend money on that bag but still feel like your carrying a knock off? At least change the color Stella!

  • Also why would you spend money like that on something that is not leather? If it costs so much to make the fake, what are the environmental realities of faux leather?

    • rizalogy


  • shueaddict

    More like Rebecca KnockOff

    • Mya Wilkes

      Haha! you meanie!

  • Sandy

    I completely agree…that bag for that price, no! The price should be more in line with the Rebecca Minkoff, at least it is a rip-off of the Antigona with a realistic price tag for faux leather.

  • andredre47

    I really don’t like how the Beckett puckers at the gussets, as fake leather tends to do. Makes it look really cheap.

  • renyoj

    I don’t understand why Stella doesn’t create coated canvas or some sturdy fabric instead of putting out these cheap looking faux leather bags. There are some chic non leather bags, but sadly not this.

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  • Casey

    The leather on Stella’s faux nappa leather has actually gotten better over the last two seasons, and if I must say so myself, it’s really starting to feel like real nappa. The only thing is that I don’t know how it’ll wear over time, because the color is not gonna go all the way through the hide like real leather. I think a lot of the hate towards Stella doesn’t stem from the fact that the bags are ugly, because they actually sell really well, I think it’s just the price point. Even $800-$900 would be more reasonable because it’s still a luxury price point and everybody acknowledges that it’s not leather.