With incredibly soft leather and knotted drawstring pulls, this bag brings together the drawstring bag obsession with an upscale touch.

Buy The Loewe Small Flamenco Knot Calfskin Leather Bag

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  • Dominic Leto

    Finally some love for Loewe on PB!!! Jonathan Anderson is doing terrific things. It’s fantastic to see him get some (well, more) recognition. I’m waiting for it to pop up into more department stores, though. No one in Chicago carries them.

    • John

      Ikram has them…..

    • Saidi

      The article promotes Nordstrom, where you can buy this bag in Chicago, too. But would you buy it for $2K? Not me.

  • Smithy

    Great bag but not available on Nordstrom until Oct.

    • notfornow

      Not sure what’s classic about it. The knots look a bit awkward (out of balance structurally), and the fabric interior does not justify the price point. I’ll pass for now.

  • Shopper

    I’ve loved Loewe (pronounced LOW-EH-BEH with soft “b” sound) since my first trip to Spain in the early 80’s but I never bought one. I really regret not buying one in 2013. They had gorgeous designs. While I love the brand I DON’T like the new direction they are going in. The puzzle bags and backpacks are silly. The Amazonas are drab. I never liked the Flamenco bags but they seem obsessed with it producing multiple versions.

    BTW the SA’s in Barneys have no idea how to pronounce Loewe. When I went in and asked for the brand she paused, looked down her nose and said “oh you means LOWES?” pronouncing it like the hardware store. Oy! To think she was looking down at me. You’d think she’d know how to pronounce it.

    • Buffles

      I totally agreeing with you. Loewe is my 1st love of designer handbag because of the logo (before JW Anderson change the logo style) and the classic sophisticated bag. I have 3 bags of Loewe (pre JW Anderson) which I’m able to carry them proudly until my last breath.
      Loewe bag quality always superb but I’m not keen of the bag design since 2014, it felt like ‘for the moment’ not ‘forever’.

  • omg the leather looks so very soft, and i love how this has the vibe of the little leather backpacks but has the design of purse…and the drawstring makes it easier to quickly grab something inside of it.

  • tim de rosen

    Spanish made bags at the top level (such as Loewe) are quite well made but no where near the quality of those made by factories in Florence, Italy.

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