The Row might be more under-the-radar than when the brand first released its highly coveted backpack, but standout bags haven't stopped. This bag is entirely different than anything we're seeing, and the beaded strap is entirely awesome.

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  • agatha

    It is very hard to get the information for The Row bag in its official website. Information like dimension, side view, top view and etc. Contacted their customer service requested for catalog but not reply. In hope that PB comes out more about The Row bags.

    • Sara

      I agree. The Row website is one of the most user un-friendly.

  • FashionableLena

    $4600 for a bag with a canvas strap. I know that it’s beaded but still…

  • et

    The Row is nonsensically expensive. There’s no justification for this price.

  • Sara

    I really like this bag but cannot, will not and could not justify the price. I can get a Chanel or even a Hermes clutch (small leather goods) for that price.

  • Sparky

    I wouldn’t buy this for $100.
    Just sitting there in this photo it’s already folding up like a fortune cookie. Extremely awkward shape without structure.

  • Passerine

    If I were to buy a bag in that shape, I would pick the LV Sac SC (Sofia Coppola). I think the LV bag is more attractive than The Row bag and I KNOW it’s a lot less expensive!

    • Sara

      LV Sofia Coppola is a timeless classic worth the price, especially in divine suede….drooling

  • kindled

    The Row’s bags are so frickin’ beautiful and classy, I want them all, but my wallet says no.

  • Casey

    I absolutely love this bag and if anybody understands how time consuming beading is, they would understand why this bag costs what it does. And I mean, I’m pretty sure it was meant to be a soft and slouchy bag, otherwise they wouldn’t photograph it like that…

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    • I have a bag with a similar shape from Lambertson Truex (that was many years ago before they had to shut down) – it is STUNNING and I love the shape, but it is probably hard to showcase that well in a photo. You have to see it in person!

  • Alexandra

    Ooooooh they have the best The Row bags on I absolutely love this brand.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Looking at this bag I can only imagine the luxurious quality of the leather. Beading of course is very expensive. Nice bag, but not gonna get it.