This inventive, architectural shoulder bag isn't brand new, but we've noticed it gaining momentum among fashion insiders, celebs and our readers alike. It's certainly an eye-catcher.

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  • Charlie

    It’s definitely interesting and eye catching.

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  • Sara

    It is certainly different. The leather looks soft and I imagine that the interior is quite roomy but…when I see it carried, it slouches as though someone has put a dint in it. It doesn’t retain its shape. Though, it’s a nice change from all the eother predictable bags.

  • Sparky

    I really want to buy a Loewe but the past 2 years have not produced anything I’d use.

  • violet

    I went to the shop and spent a long time holding and modeling this bag in all its available colors and leather types. I just wasn’t sold. It seemed too casual for evening and it just wasn’t my thing for the day either! After realizing it wasn’t for me, I drew my attention to the Loewe Flamenco drawstring bag. Oh wow the leather suppleness on the Flamenco was unlike anything I have seen. It felt like you were touching butter. Truly magnificent! I was definitely loving he Flamenco 100x more than the Puzzle. I left empty handed that day but still think of the Flamenco bag up to now. Maybe I’ll get it for Christmas!

    • Jess

      I once had a Loewe Napa Aire and it was the softest leather ever. Never had anything comparable again.

  • Michelle Lim

    Great complement to today’s architectural looks. Have been pondering over getting this myself.

  • Cbl


  • Stina Sias

    Yeah puzzle bag!!! I <3 my pink one!!!

  • Amanda


  • Chrissy

    Maybe its just me, but I feel like this is going to become the next it bag. I’m going to buy one before everyone else lol

  • Goober

    I bought a tan puzzle and I love it so much. It hits that sweet spot between functional and overly designed. I also have to admit I enjoy that people are always stopping me asking about the bag but no one can actually place it.

  • Irene

    That bag gives me anxiety just looking at it.

  • klynneann

    I love the look of these bags, but I finally had the chance to see one IRL about a month ago and it’s just not functional for me – the opening at the top is too small.

  • Kim

    I’m totally smitten by this bag! For me it’s my answer to LV Speedy or any Boston Bag really. I just never could get on board with typical Boston bags and for me this ticks the boxes for me. Such an intriguing design, nothing basic about it. I have held off until I could play with it IRL and I’m so glad I really did love it as much as I have from afar! I honestly don’t understand why there hasn’t been more buzz about it in the forum but I’m also thankful for that too! ;) Sadly I left Barney’s empty handed because they didn’t order the coral and that’s what sings to me so I’ll be grabbing it elsewhere!