Real snakeskin in hot pink for less than $500 is the best way we can imagine to kick off our spring wardrobes.

Buy The Loeffler Randall Snakeskin Lock Clutch

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  • Iris

    Wow! Imagine the profit margins that other handbag brands must be hiking up for snakeskin????
    This is stunning!

  • Smithy

    I am having a love affair with snakeskin bags right now. I ordered a small and simple snakeskin pouch by Rick Owens from FarFetch a couple of months ago. It was perfect. The only problem was it was $1400 (on sale no less) for this very simple tiny bag. I ended up returning it but kept my eye on it for further markdowns. It went down to $1000 and before I knew it it was gone.

    Fast forward to a few days ago and it shows up brand new on eBay for $500. I think I actually got heart palpitations. I needed to wait a couple of days before making the purchase and lo and behold someone swiped it. Ugh!!

    Of course now I’m more determined than ever to find it so after a long internet search I found it on sale ($850) from a boutique in Moscow. I’m in Chicago. I purchased it and now I wait.

    The things we (or just me?) do for bags.

    • Sara

      This so funny! I know what it’s like to be a woman possessed. Good luck :-)