Hindmarch attracted a ton of attention (and a ton of buyers) with big totes emblazoned with classic logos, but if that was too much look for you, they now come in just-as-cute casual shoulder bags.

Buy The Anya Hindmarch Frosties Shoulder Bag

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  • Y Ajayi

    Looks like the gucci disco…just with the AH slant to it.

    • FashionableLena

      I was wondering why that bag looked familiar. Geez, even down to the tassel.

  • L.O.

    It’s gggrrreeeeaaaaatttt. No. Maybe. Too soon. I like it. It’s fun

  • Sofia

    I miss her Digestives cookies clutch

  • Niky Podolski

    Cute bag, but it has some competition I think – http://www.missfashiondeals.com/deals/id=127

  • Sparkletastic