Estée Lauder heir Aerin Lauder has expanded her lifestyle brand, which started in cosmetics, to a small range of bags and shoes. Does this design, one of the brand's first, pique your interest?

Buy The AERIN Leather and Suede Shoulder Bag

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  • FashionableLena

    Very Chloe-esque.

  • Lori

    I think it’s pretty, but $1,250 seems high for a non-established brand.

  • Doodles78

    Pretty but is that lock uneven?

    • Lori

      i thought the same thing!

      • Sara

        Me too!

      • Sparky

        Me three!

  • chae

    stick to cosmetic please.

  • Sparky

    Oh please. Just because you grew up insanely wealthy doesn’t mean (1) you can design luxury goods and (2) people will pay $1250 to carry around your name.

  • em

    For a promo photo, you think they would either choose a bag without scratched leather or photoshop them off.