Bottega Veneta Campana

We have teamed up with many designers over the years to bring you exclusive information, giveaways, and bags. Working with Bottega Veneta in the past few weeks to bring you exclusive information on a product launch is not only exciting but something from our dreams. Known for its supple woven leather, Bottega Veneta has garnered a worldwide audience of fans. While their bags are stylish and on many must-have lists, one thing Bottega Veneta avoids is being known for seasonal trendy bags.

Bottega Veneta Exclusive

Today we are bringing you an exclusive product launch, a style from Bottega Veneta that you know well in a color that blends purple, taupe and pink perfectly. From the fall/winter 2009 line, the Bottega Veneta Lilac Campana symbolizes everything the brand is known for; beauty, timelessness, and impeccable craftsmanship. The shape of this bag seems light and feminine, just as the bag actually is. While the interior is roomy and has a cell phone holder and side zipped pocket, the size of the bag is not overwhelmingly large or underwhelmingly small. Touching this woven lambskin reels you in, as I have said time and time again Bottega Veneta picks the most amazing leathers and has the best implementation of weaving the leather together.

Bottega Veneta Exclusive   Bottega Veneta Exclusive

The next thing I must gush about is the color. The color is perfect. As I stated above it is a blend of purple, taupe, and pink. While they call it lilac I merely want to label it ‘perfect’. It brings a feminine touch without it being too light pink, which would show color easily. This color is wearable. Wearable in the summer, wearable in the fall, wearable in the winter, and wearable in the spring. For light pink colors I typically retire the bag for the fall and some of winter, but this color is again, ‘perfect’.

Bottega Veneta ExclusiveThe Campana shape is a favorite of many Bottega Veneta lovers on the Purse Forum. The Veneta is a classic shape from BV, but the Campana adds a slight twist that I adore. There are double top handles and a magnetic enclosure on top which makes no hassle opening and closing of the bag. I always worry about shoulder bags being too snug on me, but this bag slid on my arm perfectly.

Most importantly, this bag is a staple piece to any collection. Shape and color is perfect, leather is divine, and overall product has me dreaming of the bag still. If you have been waiting for a piece from Bottega Veneta and want it to last you forever (literally), this can easily be the bag for you. Buy through Bottega Veneta for $1,980. This bag will be available at Bottega Veneta stores nationwide, or call 877.362.1715, or visit

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  • Arlene P

    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful versatile color. So beautiful………….

  • Alana

    did you have to send this bag back?? It is amazing and your photos are beyond beautiful!!!! You should sell your work

  • Otter


  • jane

    I have this bag in dark brown (ebano) and it is like butter. I love the two-handle style, too. If I don’t have it on my shoulder (with handles crossed), I like just carrying it, too. BV bags are SO lightweight.

  • LT bag Lady

    This color is just perfect! This bag is going on my wish list!

  • renee

    You’re right the word “lilac” doesn’t do it justice at all.

  • dierregi

    Beautiful!! Just love everything about this bag

  • Alana, we did not get to keep the bag, but it is by far one of the most beautiful bags!

  • Shannon

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE this bag. I wish I could add it to my collection right now!!!

  • Elise

    that’s a beautiful bag!

  • Pursecrzy

    Love it! Perfect colour.

  • susan

    Beautiful. I’ve got a bag of this design, it’s a great bag.

  • Denise

    It’s absolutely gorgeous…especially the lilac shade! Very unique

  • Pat

    Bottega Veneta’s Tomas Maier comes up with the most amazing colors! This is simply stunning. I love how the photos show the suppleness of BV’s Nappa leather.

  • Emily

    this is a beautiful bag!!! Must save up for it!

  • Mandy

    One of the most stunning BV’s ever. Just gorgeous.

  • jburgh

    So glad to see your article on Bottega Veneta. This is a brand for which I have an immense amount of passion and respect. The new lilac color is indeed beautiful and a 4 season wear. Wait until you see some of the other bags that are coming out this Fall….just keep those smelling salts handy, lol.

  • mette

    I like the sophisticated look of this bag. The color is beautiful. What a nice way to show bags!

  • Samia

    LOVE the Color!!

  • chirpy_gal

    Lovely color!

  • mmbags

    The color is amazing and so is the bag. I love everything Bottega Veneta!

  • Marian

    I need this bag. It’s stunning!

  • julie

    I always liked Bottega Veneta. But I changed my mind. I’m Italian and a couple of days ago I saw television program where police arrested people who manufacture these bags. These are not directly made by people at Bottega Veneta, but they subcontract other people to do them. These people are generally clandestine from China, they work in terrible conditions, for 12 hours a day, and they all live in the “factory” hiding from the police. Bottega Veneta buys the bags for about 50 euros each and the sell them to us at the prices that you all know. The police showed a bag that cost 50 euro and it was sold in the shop for 3500. Not only Bottega do this, but also Dolce and Gabbana, Ferragamo, Fendi, Dior, Chanel, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Valentino. The only brand who worked respecting the law was Gucci. I was totally schocked. I will think about before buying one of these bags, at those poor people who their ass off (and get very little money) for our need to look fashionable. (sorry for my English)

  • Linda

    magnifique!!!! I would prefer a roomier size, but not to take away from the beauty of this bag, it is gorgeous! Color and all!

  • Julie

    I WANT THIS BAG!!!!!!!!

  • Dayzley

    its a beautiful bag…perfect!

  • Rebecca

    This bag is gorgeous!
    I have never been a Bottega Veneta fan but clearly this bag has changed my opinion!
    The color is so different, so feminine and elegant!
    Its one for grabs!

  • bindc

    That is just beautiful. Fantastic!

  • francesca

    the quintessence of style: color, shape, dimensions. all year round bag to be owned soon.

  • sleepy

    when is this bag going to be available?

  • This bag will be available at Bottega Veneta stores nationwide, or call 877.362.1715, or visit

  • Amanda

    This is such a gorgeous bag!!! I’d love one but can only wish I had the $ to afford it.

  • pia

    perfect color, goes with everything!!!

  • Sylvia

    GORGEOUS!!! if I could only afford it *sigh*

  • Bl@ckjack


  • Dayzley

    I saw this bag in person,its really gorgeous.definitely one of my fav and on my wishlist.:-)

  • babes140

    The Bottega Veneta store had a hole wall of bags in this most glorious color. It took my breath away. I am a big BV fan and this years collection did not disappoint!


    Just an amazing bag.

  • ali67

    the color is indescribably unique… and the craftsmanship is incredible…a must have :)

  • karily

    YIKES¡­These bags are REALLY FUGLY!

  • Kendra

    Nice color. (fb)

  • Laura

    Love this!! Shades of violet are the “in” color this spring/summer so this purse is perfect! And I love me some leather purses! ;) (fb)

  • Assiya

    Don’t like it, looks like faux cheap leather (fb)

  • Mousse

    Love the color. Not a Campana fan. (ipad)

  • isabel

    i will definitely get this bag.gorgeous,

  • janet

    wow….so feminine and i love it. will get one as a new collection of bags.

  • guest

    It’s a beautiful bag, material and all …but I have always dislike anything woven in that kind of style used in shoes, bags or any accessories.