I wrote about a Marc by Marc Jacobs man bag today for PurseBlog Savvy, and it got me thinking about man bags in general. Most of them are fairly unisex – a woman could easily use most of them as travel or office bags. Also, many are beautiful in their own right, although they don’t show up when I go looking for handbags to write about at Saks or Nordstrom. So I decided to go searching for one to gush over for the enjoyment of everyone here.

And did I ever find one. The Bottega Veneta Quilted Briefcase has some of the most gorgeous details of any man bag I’ve ever seen.

Bottega Veneta Quilted Briefcase

On the internet, the zoom-in can be one of the most important tools in evaluating a bag. On a great one, things only get better as you get closer. On a not-so-great one, the opposite is true. And when I zoomed in on this bag, I was blown away by the detail work that went into creating the quilting that covers this bag. But I guess we shouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from Bottega Veneta, right?

Instead of your run-of-the-mill straight stitches that create the quilts, the square size and corner structure is altered ever-so-slightly in order to replicate the idea of BV’s famed intrecciato weave. That small bit of attention to detail totally sells the bag to me and keeps it from looking like the other quilted bags in the market. When you combine that with the super sleek black leather and a briefcase style that’s absolutely timeless, you have one gorgeous bag, no matter your gender. Buy through BlueFly for $2064

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  • Laura

    Love it! Would make a great graduation gift from a rich relative, hint, hint.

  • Lacey

    mmm…. nahhh….

  • Marissa Cooper

    “Instead of your run-of-the-mill straight stitches that create the quilts, the square size and corner structure is altered ever-so-slightly in order to replicate the idea of BV’s famed intrecciato weave. ”

    ohh at first I thought it looked too girly because it reminds me of Chanel but after what Amanda said, I looked carefully and whoa! it really IS detailed! I didn’t realize it until I looked closer.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • tt

    still looks like a Chanel to me!

  • gail

    Regardless of how open-minded I think I am, and regardless of how much I love bags, I really don’t want a man who carries one.

  • otter

    I agree with Gail. I kinda get grossed out on a daily basis when I see men carrying LV limited edition briefcases downtown. I am sexist – yes. I say, leave it to the ladies. These are not toys for boys.

  • zaali

    Amanda, you have to check this blog http://www.bagaholicboy.blogspot.com and http://mymanybags.blogspot.com/…After your purseblog and bagsnob.com, I like their blogs for handbags…They have amazing bags for men and I can swear that I feel like I would like to own some of those beautiful pieces featured on their sites…

  • Michael St. James

    i’m so over every quilted bag being “Chanel inspired!” there was quilting before Chanel and there will be quilting after. to the women saying men shouldn’t have bags…what do you propose they wear with their Brooks Brothers suits and Cartier watches!?! In my opinion, a Zegna, Hermes, or BV briefcase completes the look.


  • Paulina

    Forget a dude toting that. I totally would.

  • sunchicka

    Wow, I’d love that one.

  • gopher

    who would wear a cartier watch with a brooks brother suit?

  • stella fleuret

    pssh you haters! This bag is beautiful!

  • stella fleuret

    heee, man bags. XD

  • Madison C

    It looks like a poor man’s knockoff of Chanel.
    Except it’s not cheap.

  • Rebbeca

    So detailed, looked so much like Chanel at first! But yes, the stiches are so Bottega!
    Its an okay bag, nothing too fancy.

  • JenG

    Nice briefcase!

  • Kendra

    It reminds me of a chanel. (fb)

  • Karen Brandon

    Awesome! Briefcases are employed many people to take files,laptops and many more.

  • Diana

    I love Bottega Veneta’s ads and the physical product as well, this briefcase would look right in any boardroom; creative or financial. Lust Factor on a scale of 1-10 is a 10 right now. (ipad)

  • Naggy

    It does look Chanel-inspired, but Chanel’s design wasn’t innovative to begin with. (ipad)