Hey guys, it’s Nerdphanie, aka the Shopping Nerd. I’ll be holding house until Megs is back from gallivanting about Europe, so be good to me! Anyway, feast your eyes on this Bottega Veneta Old Petra anaconda tote bag! I’ve actually seen this beauty with my own eyes, held it with my own hands, and let me tell you, it is a knock-out bag. The anaconda is perfectly soft and the bag is supple and delicious. The warm dark pink Old Petra is my favorite Bottega color this season. It reminds me of my favorite ice cream bar, a perfect little swirl of purple-brown red bean and milk. I love the clasp, too. According to the SA I talked to, Bottega only does these exquisite clasps for exotic bags, and this clasp really cinches the bag for me. The shape is also just perfect, with a little bit of slouch and a pinch of masculinity to balance the extravagance of anaconda. My only complaint would be that it doesn’t fit on the shoulder, but looking at the model carrying it, I would say it looks pretty cool handheld (if you’re stunning and six feet tall). I’ve also held it in front of a mirror and I’m a measly 5’5, so really, it works. The one thing I don’t like? The $4,540 price tag. If that doesn’t hinder you, get thee to your local Bottega and start asking away. To see more styles, check out Bottega Veneta’s website.

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