Over the last few years, I have become a full-fledged Bottega Veneta girl. I started with their handbags and slowly began adding shoes, and before I knew it I was buying their clothing as well. This is a brand I know and love and hands-down can proclaim that if I could, I would wear and carry Bottega Veneta every single day. As the brand has grown, so has its offerings. From home accents to furniture to jewelery, Bottega Veneta continues to expand into a luxury lifestyle brand.

Recently Bottega got us talking with its Initials Project, and now I am excited to talk about the introduction of Bottega Veneta Intrecciomirage and Intrecciolusion.

The Fall 2012 Bottega Veneta collection marks the launch of a new line for the brand, including Intrecciomirage and Intrecciolusion. A large amount of products, from bags to small leather goods, are being offered in an array of colors. The Intrecciolusion line features items made of twill that have gone through an artisnal process by the printing method to deliver a signature intrecciato pattern. As for the Intrecciomirage, these bags are made of a thinner Nappa leather and shows an engraved intrecciato finish.

These new bags are simple but still breathtaking, just as we have come to expect from the brand. With a much lower price point, these materials are a great way for customers to begin their Bottega Veneta collections if their budgets don’t allow for a full-on Intercciato bag. For the established Bottega customer like me, this line is perfect for an added place in my life. I am constantly on the run and while I carry my handbag, many times I have to bring along another bag that will transport everything from gym clothes to my laptop. Instead of a no-name tote, I would love to store my necessities in one of these bags, and I’m certain this is what Tomas Maier had in mind when he developed the new Intrecciomirage and Intrecciolusion. This inclusion is simply another addition into the luxurious Bottega Veneta lifestyle brand. Shop the collection via Bottega Veneta.

Canyon Intrecciolusion Tote | $490

Teal Intrecciolusion Maxi Tote | $650

Nero Intrecciomirage Cross Body Bag | $980

Nero Intrecciomirage Gold Chain Wallet | $860

Blood Intrecciolusion Document Case | $250

Plum Intrecciolusion Maxi Tote | $650

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  • Vanessa

    Love this collection! this would be an excellent and posh alternative to my beloved Longchamp bags =)

  • samhcmaffi

    great style , love this collection

  • twirler

    i can’t believe these prices!! definitely a great option if you’re not looking to spend a ton but still expect great quality

  • amazing optionto follow

  • .
    Love this collection! this would be an excellent and posh alternative to my beloved Longchamp bags =

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  • susan

    I love the colors but since BV is my favorite brand right now …I don’t know till I see them in person and even then I’m not sure about clothe when I love BV for their leathers.

  • Jennifer

    I think that this is a cop out for BV, An EMBOSSED bag? Really? From the master WEAVERS?

  • Catherine Tan

    Its beautiful and the price is not too bad :)

  • klynneann

    The colors are gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing these in person.

  • Babs

    I’ve seen these in the boutique…they are really quite dreadful. The quality is not worthy of BV. I’ll stick with the BV classic woven leather.

    The leather on the embossed bags is very thin and the edges are unfinished. There are much better quality bags in the $900 range.

    The fabric bags are, according to the BV website, created utilizing ink jet printers. No impressive at all. Why would someone pay $500 for a twill bags with an ink jet image?

  • pixiegirlie

    I love BV I actually joined TPF to find out more info on their bags. While I love the colors of these they just seem to miss the mark for me for some reason. Others have mentioned it as a great alternative to longchamp, and maybe that’s it. It kind of reminds me of longchamp totes granted they look way better than longchamp totes IMO. I think it could make a great carry on bag for flying.

  • cuejerol

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