As seen last night at a private cocktail hour for the Miami Fashion Week SWIM: The Bottega Veneta S.O. Nero Intrecciato Karung Stretch Knot Clutch.

Full coverage of the event coming soon!

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  • karolynka

    So jealous ;) of the bv knot and MIAMI!!

  • Yor – Surprise me

    What a beautiful picture!

  • Michelle

    wish i can get one too :(

  • Chris

    The handbag looks lovely and the dress and the whole atmosphere is great. This must have been a fashionable event, Miami and all. The only minus I have (sorry) is the plastic water bottle. It does not really fit into an otherwise classy picture. I think the organizers should offer next time Perrier glass bottles. JMHO of course.

    • That was my water – I saw it in the photo and I was thinking… hum. But it was part of the moment at the time :)

  • Claire

    Love the pic, don’t love the sponsored product placement.

    • There was no sponsored product placement whatsoever. That is just a bottle of water I was drinking!

      • Claire

        I apologize then. It just seemed likely, since you guys have those big Jennifer Aniston Smart Water ads that take over the screen now and then.

    • If Smartwater sponsored us, I’d get paid more.


    • No worries… but that ad and that bottle of water are purely coincidental.

  • Kimberly

    I am in love with your clutch! I don’t mind the Smartwater bottle. If it’s good enough for Jennifer Aniston…

  • Cara

    Beautiful Clutch! Stunning photo!

  • MarvelGirl

    Adore the pic, Megs! And I especially love our SO Stretch Knot. Looking at your lovely pic has inspired me to bring mine out as well. I am going to use it tonight for dinner with my DH! :)

  • jburgh

    Very pretty pic, Vlad. The Black and white image is perfect for showing it off. I’m loving our Knot, too. Just used mine last week and it holds just the right amount for an evening out.

  • Staci

    Vlad takes THE BEST pictures! Megs, your BV clutch is stunning and I’d love to see the rest of your outfit. I’m looking forward to more pics from the event.

  • george

    Seriously? This is NOT a good photo. What is the subject? The bag? What’s with the knee in the way? Or the bottle of water? Keep pandering to this guy that his pics are good…he really needs to go learn lighting and composition, and really, just basic photography skills. Photographer he’s not. He’s just a guy with a camera who is somehow REALLY impressed with what he shoots.

  • jeffyrh

    good blog

  • felicia

    this clutch is in my wishlist!!(ipad)

  • Mousse

    Another gorgeous knot. (ipad)