Botkier Skeleton Big Drawstring BagFor some reason when I was little I used to love drawing skeletons. I am sure one reason was because it was easy for me to do some bones and for another reason I loved Halloween. I wore the same outfit for countless years; a black full body outfit with glow in the dark skeleton outline. I loved that outfit. Now that I think about it, the shirt could still be really cute with jeans. Yes, I am that crazy. Botkier has caught onto my love of skeletons to design an interesting bag. The Botkier Skeleton Big Drawstring Bag shows off its individuality with its vertical leather straps, aka the skeleton bones, which wrap around the green soft Italian leather body. Showing off the skeleton straps are gold metal studs and adding a special touch is the drawstring top closure. On the front of the bag, there are two hidden pockets and on the sides there are patch pockets. On the inside you will find textile lining with a portable mirror and inside zipped pocket. Seemingly large, 18″ x 13.5″ x 5″, this bag is available before Halloween ever comes close at eLuxury for $645.

Botkier Bianca Large SatchelFor me certain brands have their own signature bag. I always feel like having that signature bag can keep all of us from seeing their other bags, just because of the mere fact that we are really only aware of ‘their’ bag. As for Botkier, I felt like I kept seeing the same bag modeled again and again. But when I ran into this new look, I found it refreshing. The Botkier Bianca Large Satchel is intricately crafted from soft Italian cowhide. To add some dimension, the bag shows off two curved front pouch pockets that close with signature long tassel pulls. Straying away from a very structured look, this bag gives off a slouchy appearance which I love. Accenting the satchel is polished gold metal hardware. The shoulder straps are made from rolled leather with studs. Brining it all together is the front flap with a Botkier twist-lock closure. While this bag does not scream out for attention, it did lure me in. The satchel is available in either black or dusty gold, and if I had my way I would opt for the dusty gold. Buy it through eLuxury for $695.

Botkier Stirrup HoboI’ve heard nothing but raves about Botkier bags. It seems the fan base is large and the beauty of the bags keeps it all going. I don’t own a Botkier bag, but I have seen many in person and I sure wouldn’t mind having one at some time in the near future (cue Vlad here ;-) ). If any of you are in the hunt for a beautiful blue colored bag, I think both the shape and hue of this bag will reel you in. The Botkier Stirrup Hobo is sure making quite the stir in the fashion world. This metallic twilight leather hobo is chic and charismatic for your flirty side. Only to add a little more glam and glitz is the silver metal hardware which accents the bag. The front zip pockets are at a slant and have suede tassel pulls. The inside is bursting with goodies. There are two hidden slit pockets and an inside leather compartment. The shoulder strap may be adjusted for your arm pleasures and the overall dimensions are 12″H x 16″W x 2″D. If you are fashionable, you know that these bags are in style. If your fashionable wallet may allow it, grab one of these beauties while they last: $660 via Bergdorf Goodman.

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Thanks to a coupon code that you can use in Botkier’s online store, you can get a whoppin’ 100 bucks off every fall collection bag they carry. No joke ladies – head on over to the thread and make sure you thank her for the great contribution!!

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Botkier Hand BagI feel like we have been lazy around here- but it is not laziness- rather Vlad and I both are seriously swamped with traveling etc (ah yes and fine-dining and shopping- what can I say? ;-) ) Vlad did an awesome job at making my birthday special- and so did all my friends and family. Being pampered should really be everyday of the week if you ask me. Today I realized that I have looked at and thought about Botkier bags but have actually never mentioned them. Sometimes there are just so many bags to write about and not enough time to do them all. Botkier bags have made a huge appearance into today’s fashion world and have been loved by many of us out there. I really just love the Black Botkier Clyde Bag which is made of soft Italian cowhide and polished hardware. One of the main aspects that defines this bag are the long, diagonal zippered front pockets with tassel pulls and the horizontal back zippered pocket. There are also beautifully cinched side pouch pockets which also have tassel pulls. The new thing to do is have a removable leather shoulder strap along with the tote handles which makes all of us happy on any given-day. The inside of the bag also contains quite a few goodies having both interior patch and zippered pockets along with and interior key hook. These bags make a bold statement with their simple but defining look. The price of this black beauty is $625 on eLuxury.