monica botkier During Spring 2008, Botkier will be celebrating their fifth anniversary. Monica Botkier, the designer behind the bags, has experienced great growth and success with her handbag line. Her handbags have caught the attention of handbag lovers world wide, and are carried at stores such as Saks and Neiman Marcus and seen on the arms of countless celebrities. Many of you will remember our fabulous Botkier Sasha Giveaway (which is still one of my favorite bags ever!). As this is the case, Monica has decided to move to the next level and launch a Botkier Shoe line. Their inaugural shoe line will be composed of nineteen different styles; varying from chic sandals to retro ballet flats, glamorous hammered ring stilettos and mod, peep toe ankle boots. The Botkier shoes take on a varitey of colors, including beautiful bronze and copper metallics, nude snake skin, bright fuchsia, and royal blue. The prices range between $200-$500 and all shoes are made in Italy. I am looking forward to seeing the shoes in person and trying them on. Botkier has always delivered fashionable and practical bags, so their shoe launch is something to look forward to. Some of the shoes are available on Botkier online now. Make sure to check out Monica Botkier’s new venture and let us know what you think! (more…)

Botkier Large Sasha Duffle Tote
Botkier Large Sasha Duffle Tote

The metallic trend is still here. Personally, I do love the trend to a certain extent. I am not one for carrying a huge metallic bag around, it is just not my style. I opt to bring in metallics in clutches and evening bags, rather than everyday totes. I would, however, consider bringing a metallic bag into my everyday mix if it is fun and more of a bag deal that a bank breaker. The Botkier Sasha was one of our biggest giveaway hits, with well over 1,000 entries. I loved it in black leather and the pewter patent leather is slowly growing on me. The Botkier Large Sasha Duffle Tote has been jazzed up for spring in pewter patent leather and silver hardware which gives the perfect metallic in a great shape and a good price. There is the option of the long or short straps, which is a major plus. While this bag is more of a deal if you are looking for a metallic, I can not say that I will be buying it. I suppose the big bag metallics are just not for me; they are too much for my taste. I will stick to my small handbags when opting for shiny metallics, but this may be an option for you. Buy through Net A Porter for $695.

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botkier sample sale

What: Botkier Sample Sale

Date: December 6-9th, 2007

Time: Thursday and Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm

Location: 70 Greene Street, between Broome and Spring

Phone number: 646 747 4149

Discount: 50-70% off

Styles: Variety of Fall/Winter styles, as well as one of a kind samples!!
Harley, Cairo, Sophie; Beautiful styles in leather with custom hardware with prices originally $725 now $300, $925 now $400, and $695 now $200.

Samples of your favorite styles up to 70% off!!!

Make sure to check out Botkier’s Holiday re-vamped website while you are at it.

Botkier Sasha Duffle

A couple months ago Botkier sponsored a giveaway you all, and the reception was amazing! It seems the simplicity behind their Sasha Duffle just fits your lifestyle and wants perfectly. So I kept looking at the bag (keeping the bags for a month during giveaways is TORTURE!), and fell in love also. The Botkier Sasha Duffle converts from a shoulder bag to a tote easily, offering optimal room, and gives a perfect slouch with its Italian lambskin leather. The black version is obviously perfect for everyday use, but the pewter adds such a bang that it is a great metallic option. When choosing a metallic, especially if you are not sure that is 100% you, go for an option that is more affordable in a shape that will last seasons. The pewter adds a little bling, and the black and brown are toned down but perfect for everyday use. There is the option of double top handles or a shoulder strap. And when you open this bag, the inside compartment is huge and filled with organizing pockets. There is a zip pocket, an open pocket, and a cell phone pocket. Just a fabulous everyday bag with a much more affordable price than the others. Buy the silver via Saks for $695. Brown and black are available at Net A Porter for $695 also. (more…)

botkier sasha giveaway banner

This is your last chance to sign up for our Botkier Sasha Giveaway!!

The lovely folks at Botkier have given us the fabulous Botkier Sasha tote in black leather for the month of September! The rules to participate are simple, head over to the Purse Forum, register an account if you already haven’t, and submit your entry to win.

Many thanks to Botkier!

Thanks to the good people at Botkier, we are giving away a chic Botkier Sasha tote in black leather for the month of September! The rules to participate are simple, head over to the Purse Forum, register an account if you already haven’t, and submit your entry to win.

Many thanks to Botkier and also thanks to our resident bag blogger Meggers for modeling the pretty bag on a pretty Sunday afternoon in Columbus.

angelina jolie botkier bag3

Angie has already been seen sporting this bag in black and now she has been spotted wearing it in crème. Looks like Angelina Jolie has a case of the Botkier loves. Wearing her typical garb, a black dress, big shades, black boots, and simple bag, Angelina Jolie was leaving LA Studios with Maddox carrying the Botkier Sasha Duffel Bag in crème. This satchel has been a huge hit and will continue to make those who carry it happy. Designed with luscious lambkin, this duffel bag can double as going over the shoulder with a longer strap or being folded to a more compact handbag (both options pictures below). Simple to throw on, there is a zip top closure, buckled straps on the front, and a front flap pocket with an extended tab. Dimensions are 8 1/2″H x 10″W x 6″D. Angie loves this bag and so do we! Inquire for the crème at Botkier or buy either black or chocolate at Saks for $695.

Botkier Sasha Duffel Bag

More images of Angie and Maddox below! (more…)

heidi klum botkier bag

In my opinion one of the most gorgeous women alive is Heidi Klum. With or without makeup, Heidi can pull off stunning in a heart beat. Completely in touch with her body and style, Heidi goes from one day to the next with a different ensemble looking gorgeous. Ok obviously I am a tad bit obsessed with Heidi, she is my girl crush. Recently, she has been seen sporting a lusious black handbag that sports a divine braided shoulder strap. From the Fall/Winter 07 season, the Botkier Black Rose Satchel has been Heidi Klum’s bag of choice. This Botkier bag is a stunning number, with its supple lambskin, braided shoulder strap, and feminine leather rose coin purse. The bag will be available in black, cherry, bronze and metallic plum. I am head over heels in love, and would love to see the cherry version. Check Botkier or contact your local Botkier supplier. Seriously stunning for $675.

Botkier Black Rose Satchel

More pics below!

botkier lolaI’m sorry, you guys must be so sick of clutches by now…but here’s another one. Check out this Botkier Power Ranger – sorry, Botkier Lola Clutch. It’s quite an interesting creature. There’s a little band in the back that you can slip your hand into for easy holding, so you get a kind of glued-to-your-hand effect. The way the model in this picture holds it amuses me greatly. The clutch looks like a boomerang or a giant morphing ring. I don’t know, some sort of alteregoed crime-fighting device. Adding to this effect are the sporty perforated leather, the very blue color, which is actually a very nice blue, and the darker blue accents. These accents are in fact patent leather, but I feel that they would be more appropriate to the clutch if they were made of plastic, and if you could press them down like buttons to summon your robot or communicate with the rest of your team of vigilante cartoon justice. The gold hardware – which, if you look closely enough, actually consists of cute little buckles – also adds to the mighty morphin’ feel of the bag. Now I am not saying this bag is ugly, and I actually think it’s kind of cute and interesting. Still, it recalls too many things that make me giggle and practice karate chops to tempt me to buy. If you would like to nurture the spandex-clad bad-ass inside, this is the bag for you. Get it for $275 at activeendeavors. Be sure to use coupon code “spring” to get 20% off.

Botkier Essex Clutch

Taking Vlad shopping is always entertaining. I was experiencing cabin fever quite bad from being home all week with a sinus infection, so Saturday Vlad and I made a quick trip to the mall. You have to understand that Vlad is the typical man, who just so happens to be the webmaster for a Purse Blog and Forum. Being around me forces him to learn about bags and makes him try to decide which bags he likes. It makes me laugh a little, but it also goes to show what a great man I have. Long story short, while shopping we ran into some Botkier handbags with golden horns. The Mr totally dug these bags. Since he is off in Germany for two weeks, I will write about the Botkier Essex Clutch just for him. Sporting the bold and stylish gold horn and gold link chain, this clutch is sexy enough for the bold women who can pull off burgundy leather and gold hardware. Plenty big, the clutch measures 6″ tall by 11″ wide by 3″ deep and has a leather flap closure. On the inside there are three compartments for sexy red lipstick and black eye liner. Can you handle it? Buy it through Intermix for $525.

Botkier Bianca Leather Satchel Chloe Betty Satchel

Dun dun dun… it is the battle of the satchels! Today you will be the judge of the bag that wins this contest. On the left we have the Botkier Bianca Leather Satchel while on the right we have the Chloe Betty Satchel. Both of these handbags use supple plush leather and pair two front pockets to give the bag a casual but swanky feel. The Botkier bag is designed with ivory leather and golden hardware. There are double shoulder straps along with a zip top closure. Dimensions are 7 1/2″H x 14 1/2″W x 5 1/2″D. The Chloe Betty Satchel showcases gray leather along with silver metal hardware. This satchel also has a shoulder strap with rings and a zip top. Measurements of this bag are a bit larger at 16″H x 17″W x 6″D. Accenting the Botkier bag are tassel pull tabs while a zip top coin purse adorns the Chloe bag. To me both of these handbags look quite similar and offer many of the same things. You be the judge of who wins the battle of the satchel. I won’t give away the price, but when you do see it, you most likely will chose one bag over the next. Botkier via Saks and Chloe via Saks.

Botkier Bombay ToteWhat lady does not need a big brown bag? And no, I’m not talking about the Bloomingdale’s bag, although that is always nice to have also. While oversized totes sometimes seem to be never-ending in capacity, many of you know that you need a huge bag for all your ‘things’, especially if you have kids. What mother out there does not carry a few small toys, crayons, random medicine, candy and treats, etc? A new option for a must-have big bag is the Botkier Bombay Tote. The tote is meticulously made of soft Italian goatskin leather and is further shown off with antiqued brass hardware. While this bag could have been too simple to give it more than one glance, Botkier spiced the bag up with wraparound straps, simple stud detailing, and a leather tassel (which is removable for those of you who think it is too much). The inside is spacious to fill all the goodies you need to travel with to keep everyone around you realizing you are ready for anything at anytime. Overall the bag measures 13″ x 20″ x 8″; I didn’t lie- it really is big!! Buy it through eLuxury for $540.