There aren’t a whole lot of uber-popular bags from the mid-2000s that could make a comeback. Chloe tried to make both the Paddington and Silverado happen again earlier this year, to the excitement of absolutely no one. Fendi doesn’t seem interested in re-introducing the Spy, thankfully, and its Baguette bags have required major embellishments to pique the interests of consumers all over again. Let’s not even talk about the Dior Saddle Bag – I’m pretty sure Raf Simons doesn’t want to, either. That’s to say nothing of the host of popular contemporary bags from the time period that would look like absolute monstrosities by 2013 standards. Somehow, though, the Botkier Trigger Bag, reissued as the Botkier Legacy Satchel, makes it work.

I’ve always been a big Trigger fan, and I have a yellow version of the bag in my closet. The design, among Monica Botkier’s first, simply does a lot of things right. It’s roomy without being comically oversized like so many bags of the era. It has a lot of compartments without feeling bulky. The straps are long enough to put over your shoulder but not long enough to make the bag look poorly proportioned. It has a rocker-girl vibe that doesn’t go out of style, instead of the boho look that makes so many mid-2000s designs of a similar price point look sloppy and dated today.

This Legacy version, released for Botkier’s 10th anniversary, has a few important modifications. First, the flared gussets – the original didn’t have them at all, but the look is so popular right now that adding them certainly makes sense and doesn’t change the bag in any important structural ways. Second, the tall compartments that form the front and back panel are now closed with visible zippers instead of interior magnetic snaps. Third, the bag looks a little slimmer, front to back, which should make it easy to carry on your shoulder, if you so choose. Best of all, the price hasn’t changed all that much from the bag’s initial debut – you can pick it up for $595 via ShopBop.

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