Botkier Sample Sale

Spring not only means flowers and warmer weather, but it means Sample Sale season is here! Designers will be emptying out amazing items for prices that are beyond amazingly low. Up next this week is the Botkier Sample Sale, offering between 50-70% off handbags, shoes and wallets. Even better, if you bring your mother to the sale they will give you an additional 10% off as a Mother’s Day treat. We are huge fans of Botkier Bags here, so make sure if you are in the NYC area to check out their sample sale.

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  • JDubbs

    OMG! I cant wait…. I heard that the James satchel that Megan Fox has been photgraphed wearing is going to be there?

  • That would be great if it were there!!!!

  • JJD

    Love their bags.. I have two trigger satchels and want a sasha in orange.. Hope I can get to one.

  • Nanata

    yay— i’ve been waiting for this sale…. :) adore the kai.. and margot….and my 1st love trigger…fingers crossed they will be on sale!

  • Lexi Blue

    I just brought the James hobo in deep purple and I get so many compliments on it, I cant wait to see what styles will be at the sample sale!!! I’m going make sure I get there early!!!

  • theresa

    I wish it were online as well…you gals in NYC are so lucky. :)

  • renee

    I’m in Michigan. The only samples you get here are if you go to costco and wait for a ritz cracker with cheeeeeze whizzzzz on it. Are the samples teeny little two inch purses? lol.

  • Renee, hilarious!!! I know, during Sample Sale season I am envious. We were supposed to be in NYC this week, but Vlad and I are both sick :(

  • Sherry

    Went to Botkier today at 11:45 am, expecting a line and there was none! Walked right in, even though sale officially started at 12 pm. Apparently, they opened the doors around 11:30 am. There were lots of bags available. Prices range from $100 – $295. I didn’t take photos, but these are some of the bags that were there: James, Margot, Bianca (mostly in nylon), Sasha (again, mostly in nylon),Kai, and Marcel, which are all part of the Spring Summer 2009 collection. They also have some wallets and cosmetic cases starting at $50. The upstairs has all the Samples and Damaged items, which range in price from $50-$200. I didn’t see anything worth getting up there, but maybe it’s b/c when they opened the upstairs women RAN up the stairs and just grabbed 6+ bags a piece without even looking at them. I bought the Margot Satchel in black w/ white snakeskin for $275 (original price is $675). I recommend checking this sale out, but I am baised towards Botkier. I love the edginess of their bags. When I left, there was a line to get in. Also, the line to pay is very slow!

  • Sherry

    One more thing, for those of you that like the James model – they had the James clutch, satchel, hobo and tote at the sample sale! People were buying all the James bags in purple, but they still had it in silver, cocoa and black. Not sure if they will be restocking.

  • JDubbs

    There was a line when I was there too but it move relatively quickly. The Botkier people were so helpful and accomodating tho! I was at the front of the line to get upstairs and I found some really great one-of a kinds!I saw the Margot satchel in this beautiful bright pink for $125 and the Layla clutch in lime for $50! I think this is one of the best sample sales I’ve ever been too…..

  • Sarah44

    I totally love the James model too!! I am obsessed with the James Satchel!! They had a ton at the sample sale too. My friend of course convinced me to get a Trigger bag!! Every girl has to have a Botkier trigger in their is a must!!!

  • Cecily Gardner

    Hey, we need a Botkier Sample sale in Los Angeles….. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

    XOXO your bags, Monica.

  • Kendra

    I wish I could catch these sales. (fb)