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Last fall we had the pleasure to meet with the designers and co-founders behind Be&D, Be Inthavong and Steve Dumain. Be&D reintroduced the Garbo when we were at the press preview and we could not have been more thrilled. In 2004, most handbag designers were sticking to the basics. At this time I was still exploring my love of handbags (this is pre-PurseBlog days). Though many bags continued to look similar, there was a standout that caught my attention. It was studs. Glorious studs on the Be&D Garbo satchel.

Be&D Garbo Satchel in Python    Be&D Garbo Satchel in Python

Be&D Garbo Satchel in Python    Be&D Garbo Satchel in Python

At the time the idea of a studded handbag was foreign. No other designer was doing it and in my mind Be&D was one of the first brands to release a studded handbag. The duo became known for their studs. So while they did follow up with other successes, like the KanKan, the studs were dearly missed.

 BE & D Garbo Tote in purple leather - $1490The re-inception of the Garbo could not have come at a better time. The entire fashion world may not have been ready for studded handbags in 2004, but it is 2009 and we are seeing studs everywhere from everyone. For its 5 year anniversary, Be&D brings back the Garbo. Perfect timing, indeed. Now it is time for us to give you a look at the Garbo collection from Be&D; from bags, to shoes, to clutches.

The Garbo collection is unlike other designers who introduce studded bags. Nothing about these pointed studs are dainty. A seriously edgy handbag needs serious studs, and Be&D delivers. The downside of the studs is the weight, as the bags run quite heavy – even for an over-all studded handbag.

BE & D Garbo Satchel - $1,390    BE & D Garbo Satchel - $1,390

You will not stay occupied thinking about the weight when you get your hands on a Garbo bag. The lambskin is seriously supple, one of the softest I have felt in a long time. The colors are saturated beautifully into the leather and pop against the stud detailing. The whipstitch detailing on the handles gives a subtle yet sophisticated addition. The collection can be defined as the epitome of punk modernity.

When it comes to studded handbags, Be&D has perfected the art. Other brands are desperately trying to keep up with this trend, but Be&D invented it. The bags are modern, funky, and mean serious business. We were loving every bag, from the classic satchel (stack at the top of the post) to the fun clutches. We could not be more thrilled that Be&D brought back the Garbo for their 5th anniversary, and now Garbo will not be going anywhere.

More on the Garbo from Be & Steve

PB: Tell us about your first launch of the Garbo: When did you launch it? How was it different from the other handbags? Your vision?

We launched the first Garbo in July 2004 in Bergdorf Goodman. We felt their was a lack of fun in the luxury fashion market and wanted to see if we could fill that gap. The idea for this piece for us was to be a very seriously crafted bag but with a rock and roll appeal that was still glamorous but tough. There was nothing like it in the market and we just loved the feel of the super soft lamb with the metal studs.

Be&D Austin Bootie - $598PB: Now every designer is releasing at least one bag in their collection with studs. Do you feel like you started the stud trend?

Right after we launched that bag back in 2004, there were a lot of great young Hollywood ladies wearing it, which really caused our big luxury competitors to take notice. We were so little known at the time – that only super serious fashion girls knew who had started it. At first it was difficult to see this happening – but it really is an honor in a way and everyone says there’s no higher form of flattery. There are many editors who tell us we started the stud trend – but it was really just a fun moment for us that we felt was super relevant to how we felt about life at the time. I guess the Garbo bag has many illegitimate siblings running around out there in the world – and it’s really a wild feeling to think we were in some way responsible for the way so many women were dressing.

After the big craze post Garbo- we had another one that made us very proud called the KanKan (spotted on Katherine Heigl). This bag also had a similar trajectory if you look at the timeline – it’s very cool to see what became of that look.

BE & D Garbo Satchel - $1,390PB: Will you keep the Garbo as part of your collection for good now?

I think she’ll be a permanent part of our collection from now on – and in some way will always influence our designs – whether it be the super soft structure or the rock and roll look – or just the feeling we had when creating her.

PB: What is next for Be&D? Can we expect more studs or do you have something else up your sleeve?

There’s definitely something up our sleeve that we just finished up for Spring 10′ that is so exciting for us – hopefully you’ll all feel the same.

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  • gpc

    Love BE&D. Great interview and great pics. Wow, that Garbo in Python is AMAZING! Where is that available for purchase?

  • I hope how everyone appreciates how Megs and Vlad RISKED THEIR LIVES!!!1! in the crappy part of South Florida to take this pictures with the cool graffiti :-P

  • Sammie J

    We all at Be & D do!! The pictures look AMAZING!! A million thanks to Meg and Vlad – we LOVE you and hope you’ll visit us again soon!
    Your friends at Be & D

  • We did leave the info out about where we were. We had to go through a really bad part of Miami to get to that cool wall, but all in the name of fashion!!

    Sammie – Glad you all like the piece!!

  • Jessica

    dang I love studs!

  • candace117

    Well the photos turned out great, Megs!

  • redrose

    I got the Garbo Zip wallet and it weighs a pound. The studs are the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. Wondering how much the purse will weigh.

  • Julie W

    While I am not really into studs, I love these bags. As usual, awesome shots Vlad!

  • Laura

    Loved your shots from south Florida! You guys make a great artistic team! The solid blue was awesome against that background.

  • Rebbeca

    Gorgeous Bags!!

  • longchamp

    Great pix of great bags. Thanks

  • PhotoGirl

    I love that bag so much! Must. Have. Will find a way!

  • Grad School Mommy

    this is my favorite combo: super-soft leather paired with lots of studs/hardware. now i’m going to have to go check this one out in person… really, these are fabulous — thanks for the update!

  • Denise

    I absolutely love Be&D’s style and hope to one day own one of their gorgeous studded bags!

  • Lainey

    I have the black new Garbo and love it to death!!

  • dcblam

    I’ve been a fan of Be&D since their inception and am happy that they are getting more attention!
    The Garbo I have is the older version and prefer it to this “newer” model.

  • kym

    I’m not into studs in the least — however, when I saw this at Saks the other day, I fell in love. I got the graphite (the leather is treated so it looks like satin) with silver studs. It’s actually a pretty bag, not tough-looking in the least. And when I went to work, no fewer than three woman practically ran up to me to ask about it. I LOVE it, even those 99% of my bags have little bling (muse, muse 2, Donna Karan, Lanvin). Take a look in person at this bag!

  • Ilovebags

    I can’t stand this line. The bags are tacky and will never become true classics. I realize the brand is trendy, however trendy should not mean tacky.

    • What do you feel ‘tacky’ about the Garbo?

  • Kendra

    This looks like a bomb. Gross. (fb)

  • Leah

    OMG, I HAVE to have one!
    Does anyone know where I can pick one up in the UK?
    Please help, I don’t think I can survive without this bag on my arm!!!!