Men’s bags don’t vary all that much, although they’re starting to vary a little bit more, so seeing something like the Balenciaga Creased Leather Pouch always makes me a bit confused. This bag was in the new arrivals at Mr. Porter alongside what can only be described as a Jil Sander Black Leather Lunch Bag which had completely sold out, so it’s undeniable that there’s a market for what is essentially a men’s clutch. But how are they used? Even in New York fashion circles, I’ve never seen a dude just, you know…carrying a clutch. Except for perhaps Bryan Boy, but he’s the exception that proves all kinds of rules, now isn’t he?

My guess would be that men use a piece like this as a bag-within-a-bag; a holder for the stray bits that float around in one’s manbag. That doesn’t entirely explain the Jil Sander lunch bag, but this Balenciaga pouch would be a smart option for both everyday use and travel if organization is your intention.

On top of that, there’s an undeniable opportunity for women here. This pouch is 13 inches wide, which makes it a simple, awesome day-to-night clutch option, and it’s priced on the men’s scale. Were it intended to be sold to women, it would cost a lot more than the $475 for which it’s listed at Net-a-Porter. Shop the men’s section, ladies, particularly when it comes to things like sweaters and bags. The markup for women is often astronomical compared to the one on similar men’s pieces. Buy for $475 via Mr. Porter.

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  • kemilia

    This is really quite nice, and would make a great clutch. The deal with the price markup (for women’s bags) is just so obvious here.

  • mlle p

    Maybe a guy trying to be cool would throw this in his groovy bike basket while riding around town?

  • Dominic Leto

    I’m a guy, and I actually carry around a portfolio around when I need to run around town. It doesn’t add the bulk of a bag, and it limits me to carrying the accessories. Coach makes mine, which was well-priced at $300 for great leather in a fun pop of color.

    It’s actually very popular for men during Fashion Week. I’m sort of surprised that you find this to be so different because it has been a trend for about three seasons now.

  • Rashida

    I’d rock that in a instant!

  • Guest.

    Speaking of the Jil leather lunch bags, wouldn’t you rather get an Anve? They’ve been doing that design for awhile now.

  • Jon

    I just tried this pouch at my local mall and they are beautiful. Came in 3 sizes and I prefer the medium size (size of an iPad). The A4 size was a bit too big for my taste.

  • M.

    Oh honey, I have that one and it works well. I usually use it the in the events were a tote or a normal bag seems too big or clumsy. It hold perfectly walet, keys, phone etc.

  • bryologue

    With all junk I’m carrying, I can never use just a (stand-alone) pouch. If ever, that will normally be inside my bag. I personally think the Jil Sander one was quite silly, though.

  • turadosapuay

    i live the color