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  • Rashida

    I am a fan of the bags as well but I would not purchase this, not a fan of the look.

  • Ava Sam Birgit

    Totally in love with Balenciaga here – though this special style does nothing for me.

  • pixiegirlie

    I don’t like these bags at all but I will say they do look WAY better IRL than they do in stock pics.

  • Silversun

    I don’t dig these for the reasons you mentioned. (Also,, if you get caught in a downpour, everything in your bag will be ruined.) But if one has money to burn then I suppose using and discarding one for a season is possible, although it sounds so wasteful. D:

  • Reality Junkie

    Wearability and practicality aside, I just don’t like the look.

  • crazybaglady

    Looks as though someone went nuts with a hole puncher!

  • Suz

    Weird looking….but now all  I can see is an itty-bitty dog carrier….

    • Suz

       …plus I’ve always had a problem with buckles that don’t buckle anything.

      • is nice to know that i’m not the only one with a problem with buckles that don’t buckle anything (even when I’ve never really had a problem with this bag) also if I had a tiny and very well trained dog and the money I would definitely buy this bag

  • Kevinkim2010

    in the middle of the bag, the holes are backed by the leather, and that looks good,
    what they should of done is carried that to the sides and everywhere, it would give it some
    extra structure as a bonus too, and even perhaps back it with a different color leather, 
    but as is, it sucks. 

    • Reality Junkie


  • mlle p

    Would love the black if it had black hardware – the dots are cute!

  • oh .i like the girl it so beautiful and it a lovely picture .

  • Mapoonwong

    Potential buyers can consider if at least there was a lining in it…coz leather with water (when raining) will not only ruin the bag but all the contents…looks nice at the glance that’s about it though i like their range if bags

  • Your Coffee Break

    Love the bright red colour on the first pic of this bag! Not entirely sure about the actual holes as dots..!


  • Miss_white_lily

    No thanks, it’s really ugly!

  • ElleOnWheelz

    You make a great point about the holes. Also if they wanted the “holey” look it would have made more sense have done the holes as an overlay so that the contents of your bag aren’t exposed. Can you imagine getting caught in the rain while carrying this bag? 

  • Shelinak

    love Balenciaga…but the holes in this bag, definately not practical..I can predict things getting caught and stuck in the holes..leather will tear

  • Tiffany H

    Not a fan of this design but love everything else Balenciaga!

  • FashionableLena

    I was thinking the exact same thing.  It just seems that the holes would stretch out of shape.  I like the concept, but the execution should have been better thought out.

  • Tiff

    I love it! So cute! I would definitely carry one of these beauties!

  • bir

    so not sure……………then again ……….no !!!!

  • I think the wear would be significant and I don’t love the look, so not a huge fan. 

  • Lulu

    I’ve seen the Prada version of this which I think is more elegant. But I woundlt buy it : its gonna run out of fashion in a snap ..

  • 22Jewelry

    Love it!

  • I like the look but I agree with the blog master that durability and longevity are a real concern.  Carrying the bag will set you apart but at what price?

  • Love the bright red color on the first pic of this bag! Not entirely sure about the actual holes as dots..!



  • Balenciaga City bag for $175

  • Pascale Demers

    I just bought this bag in black and I have to say I love the holes and the design makes this bag stand out. Obviously when you buy a bag such as this one you have to be careful so nothing happens to it but I feel it is well made. I was lucky to get it on sale!

  • P

    been caring it for 8 months, it’s been wonderful :) the black inside pockets keep the bag structure shape and i love it! i dont regret bits buying it :)