If you think that “luxe straw tote” is a contradiction in terms, I don’t blame you. That’s a totally logical position to hold, and one that I happen to hold myself. In fact, the Balenciaga Panier Basket Totes are the exception that proves the rule; that they’re so chic that they make almost all the other high-end options look like exactly what they are – overpriced straw bags.

If you’re grousing at the notion of paying a grand, give or take a hundred bucks, for a straw tote bag, I understand your consternation. On the bright side, super-seasonal styles like these often go on sale at the end of the season, and sometimes even end up with steep discounts. If you’re the type of person to whom a thousand dollars is not a great deal of money, shop now for the best selection of colors. Either way, we’ve got our picks for the best of the season from Balenciaga after the jump.

Balenciaga Cobalt Panier Basket Tote, $1165 via Neiman Marcus

Balenciaga Multicolor Panier Basket Tote, $975 via Neiman Marcus

Balenciaga Raffia Basket XS, $895 via Balenciaga

Balenciaga Marine Panier Basket Tote, $995 via Neiman Marcus

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  • Reality Junkie

    Just gorgeous…

  • fyun

    Pretty colours but I would not want to spend that much money on a “seasonal” or “non-classic” bag, just saying :p

  • purse, you sure know how to make someone go broke!


  • Fashionhause

    Wow, gorgeous bags. I wonder how much they are! 

  • Wow! These totes are so cute in all their fun colors! They fit right in with the color blocking and bright color trends for this season. They scream fun at the beach! Their only downfall, the price. Can we really spend this much on a beach tote?? At least handbags are used daily and worth the additional price. But if you can afford one of these bags, go for it!

  • Sjjcoates

    I actually think these are classic….I’ve never seen a summer pool/beach bag look this good and I am sure the quality is descent enough that this will last for years! I agree these may go on sale and anytime we can save a few bucks and put it toward another classic, go for it! However I love the multiple color one and I think that one will definitely go before a sale starts – although I’m not one that a grand isn’t a big deal to, I think i need to buy this! :)

  • I love this combo and how you presented it in the post. I have been following your blog and will keep doing so. Best, Mel

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