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  • Sam

    I want to love it… but so far, I’m not impressed.

  • ottercat

    Don’t think I want to carry around a d*cks bag, a bag of d*cks….. even if ya call it some fancy name like Le Dix Bag. Ok… I’m outta here.

  • ottercat

    A bag of d*cks, a d*ck bag or Le Dix Bag. Nope.

    • Hornyforbags

      That’s a pretty uncultered and ignorant way of seeing things. It is French, meaning that it is meant to be pronounced as “le diss”. You wouldn’t pronounce Channel to be “Chanel” or “Hermes” as in the Greek god would you? (Would you? Honestly I’m not even sure if you actually do that)

      • ottercat

        Lighten up now. Just being a jokester. HA… With a name like horny for bags…..well, um. Nevermind. And guess what honey? I am French. . And I also love to pronouce Hermes as Herpes. Yup. I’m ignorant like that. Ta.

      • Regina George

        you may be many thing (ignorant, rude) but you most certainly aren’t french

  • Lisa

    I do love it. I can see it becoming big. Very sleek.

  • Sandra

    I kind of like it…I like the innovative way the handles are attached…and the 2 tones hardware. I would like to see in IRL certainly…I want to know how the flap in the front is designed. I do agree that the name translated into English, well, not that great.

  • Le bag lover

    A little like Celine Edge- no??? Not thrilled.

  • Azianfatale

    All I can say scratches and creases on the flap. Not a fan

  • J

    The best way to make a fair judgement is to see and try out the bag out in person first. I remember seeing the Givenchy Pandora online and I thought it was weird. Yet when I tried it on in person, I ended up buying it. I’m now going through the same thing with the Saint Laurent Duffle.

    I’m a bit surprised at how ignorant some of the comments are here regarding the bag’s name.

  • no

    I love both Alexander Wang, and Balenciaga… but what are these boring bags..? Where is the EDGE of Alexander and Balenciaga..

  • Rashida

    It is ok. Nothing to write home about.

  • Jenifer Morrison

    I do miss old Balenciaga but admire the new look. Not a huge fan of the two toned hardware though~ Very proper:-)

  • James R. Sanders

    Knowing what I know now of the history of Balenciaga – I wonder about the direction he’s taking the brand in. Cristobal was a visionary and believed in luxurious silhouettes and glamorous lines. Both Oscar de la Renta and Nicholas G had an appreciation for it – I don’t know if Alexander’s aesthetic is too simplistic and minimalistic. This is a fair bag, it is beautiful and I can tell that it is well made, but I worry if it is something that is in the tradition of Balenciaga. – James R. Sanders

  • Edía Paff

    could we please stop it with the celine references? like srsly…pls

    also this basically looks like proenza X lanvin rather than celine

  • Lexiela

    very Birkin-esque!!!

  • Lexiela

    very Birkin-esque!!!

  • FashionableLena

    The bags shown already have creases on the flap which will only look worse over time. Aside from that, there is nothing about this bag that says special, Balenciaga, or Alexander Wang.

  • Casey

    I don’t dislike the bag but it almost seems too “modern,” maybe because it’s too square. People always expect their bags to look the same after using them for 5 years. I personally like when bags show age, this type of leather is meant to show creases. I can’t think of any natural leather that doesn’t do so.

  • Lulu

    I can guarantee myself 100% that I will have ATLEAST 3 visible scratches if I wore this one time. :) Not a fan sorry. My Balenciaga City Giant is true love.

  • I thought Alexander Wang (who’s own line of bags and clothes I absolutely adore) would have brought more or an edgy cool sensibility to Balenciaga instead of just going the ladylike route. :(

  • cilaiabnt1992

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  • Charles Gross
  • Jojo

    I’ve tried the bag and was not impressed. The bag is too squarish. It’s made more for the preppies kinda makes me feel uptight and stiff. Even my antigona does not give me that feeling. The design of the combo handles are nice but not enough to call me out to buy the bag by the end of the day I went and got myself a black giant city ;)