Balenciaga Giant Hobo

There are so many good arguments against carrying a white handbag. Regardless of what you may hear about winter white being the hippest color for the cold months, I just can’t get over the images of spring that a white bag brings, and thus would probably not wear a white bag for 6 months in a year. I am a messy person, and my bags get beat up sometimes. Think of your palest friend. I’ll bet she blushes and bruises brighter than anyone else you know. While that’s all well and cute, you don’t carry your pale friend on your arm. She is not a showcase of your personal style. I don’t want my bag to tell people that I’m a clumsy little girl who once in a while spills ketchup or drops her bag in the dirt (not that I do, but if I did, I’d want it to be on a darker bag). Nonetheless, every now and then, I see a very good argument for carrying a brilliant white bag. This Balenciaga Giant Hobo is one such argument. I realize that the appeal isn’t all in the color – the slouchy shape, the new gold hardware which looks terrible sometimes but really adds to this bag, the fun, slouchy shape, the sweet shortness of the top handle, the yummy, adorable, slouchy little shape – but I think this white is stunning on the hobo. I don’t think I would consider this bag for another month or two, but oof, I’ve been hit. The white just accentuates the squishy pliant looks of the leather. I want to put on a breezy red dress and take this bag on my shoulder and head to an outdoor cafe. Oh spring, hurry up already. Picture from Contact a Balenciaga boutique or your local Barneys for more info.

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  • katie

    talk about pricey i have a louis vuitton bag i got as a present but i look at the prices no way could i afford them

  • bianca

    I have recently fallen for the hobo. I think it looks like the punk rock cousin of the BV Campana (also one of my favorite bags).

  • Kendra

    I don’t like how the sides ride up. Very strange. (fb)

  • Naggy

    I prefer the regular versions, not the hobo. (ipad)

  • Cha

    What is the price of this Hobo please ?