I've been intrigued with Alexander Wang's use of marble since he started his tenure at Balenciaga, and now it's made it to the bags in a meaningful way. The shape of this marble logo plaque mimics one of the design elements of Balenciaga's iconic Motorcycle Bags, which provides some cohesion among the brand's different accessories lines.

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  • anon

    I really really like the look of marble on the bags. However, whats so great about balenciaga is the signature placement of the studs with no logo anywhere. I think if the design took out balenciaga and placed the marble in the signature formation its know for, it would be pretty spectacular. Don’t get me wrong though, this design is quite nice too. Very minimalist.

  • louch

    Not feeling any love for the new bags. I can understand Wang wanting to add his signature to Bal bags but the current design to me is a weird transition. Keeping some of the old HW but getting very minimalist. What I like about Bal bags is that they AREN’T minimalist – I buy them because I love the HW and rich colours. Don’t get me wrong – not all Bal bags are in-your-face – but this bag is becoming very Prada dull.

    • Jacquie Storch

      I agree it looks like Prada.

  • Sunfishies

    I’m so sick of bags having little hanging fob things….trendy and totally extraneous

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  • FashionableLena

    The logo plate looks out of place. Almost like it was stuck on there at the last minute.

  • Hadrien

    interesting design but the leather used scratches easily and doesn’t even feel like leather. especially for that price… NEXT!!!!!