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  • CKK

    This feature is an excellent idea! I really hope you feature @ec24m as well! Some asian representation would be lovely!

  • bee

    Up Close and insanely wealthy (just photos of luxury goods not so sure what makes it stylish??)

    • citizenlen

      I agree. Her style is something that every celebrity wear. nothing avant-garde. her bags are the typical hermes, expensive but nothing eccentric or fashion-defying.

      • constance762

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  • Love her and her style. I think the quality of her pics and the effort she puts into it really pays of. I may not even afford everything she shows, but at least I can admire here collection. One of the best IG accounts purse wise!

    • docemma

      Love her!And the fact that she chooses to remain anonymous is very respectable.

  • Patsy

    Her style is very LA. Most look contrived. I like the individual pieces (clothing) though.

  • C.

    I adore this lady! She mixes elegant pieces and casuals with such a flair!

  • Alena

    The pictures look very well composed and professionally done, of high quality. Love’em! She probably IS a model.

    • Fiona-Brasil

      She is awsome!!!The body, super long legs, the accessories…love her choices!

  • Beth Miller

    Love it all, tons of style and fashion!

  • I love IG handbag celebs!

  • Zezza

    A great viewpoint for style guiding ……… Ooohh lala is all I am saying.

  • babette

    I will add some color to my Bag wardrobe with the Purple and the Green bags, thank you veddy much :)

  • KatieElizabeth

    She really, REALLY loves her Cartier Love bracelets.

  • Susie

    She is one of my favorites.

  • Levi

    The authenticity of her items are questionable…Why hide your face? Incriminating pix???

    • Mya

      Erm, maybe she just chooses to remain anonymous? Why must it have anything to do with the authenticity of her bags?

    • Nina

      She’s a wealthy stay at home wife from Sweden, who people already call a ‘gold digger’ because her husband could be her father and is disabled. But I think she really just loves fashion and doesn’t want to attract attention to herself (her status or family) so she leaves the face out. She’s also not the most beautiful woman in the world and people on the net are mean.

  • Rashida

    She has impeccable taste!

  • Miriam

    You forgot her GORGEOUS Celine Emerald Croc Box Bag!

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  • I want her closet!! awesome taste in clothes.