Ghurka Embellished Hair-Calf Hobo

Ghurka Embellished Hair-Calf Hobo | Dark brown hair-calf with leather trim | $1,300 | Pre-Order

Ghurka Suede and Python Hobo

Ghurka Suede and Python Hobo | Olive or black suede with python trim | $800 | Nordstrom

Ghurka Deerskin Stitched Satchel

Ghurka Deerskin Stitched Satchel | Brown or black deerskin | $700 | Nordstrom

Ghurka Large Suede Leather Tote

Ghurka Suede & Leather Tote, Large | Saltwater (light blue) with silver trim, driftwood brown with gold, or black with black | $900 | Nordstrom

Ghurka Suede and Leather Pocket Hobo, Large

Ghurka Suede and Leather Pocket Hobo, Large | Driftwood brown suede with metallic gold leather trim | $1,000 | Pre-Order

Chanel Vintage Tote

Chanel Vintage Tote | Supple distressed calfskin leather | $1,995 | More info…

Chanel Silver Handbag

Chanel Square Vintage Bag | Lambskin leather | $2,575 | More info…

Chanel Ligne Cambon Tote

Chanel Ligne Cambon Tote | Quilted calfskin | $1,275 | More info…

Chanel Nylon Sports Bag

Chanel Ski Collection Purse | Nylon | $995.00 | More info…

Thanks to Rhiannon at Chanel Amour for the wonderful info on these Chanel handbags!

Fendi Two-Tone Bag It Satchel | Supple grained leather | $1,340 | eLuxury

Sojourn Rio Red Wave | Red canvas with swarovski crystal bracelet | $78 | Sojourn Bags

Rafé Yolanda | Leather-trimmed calf-hair | $295 | Nordstrom

Luella Luca | Dark brown hair-calf with tonal pebble-grain trim | $2,000 | Bergdorf Goodman

Isabella Fiore Garden State Chenille Hobo | Cord texture with flower pendant | $600 | Saks Fifth Ave

Salvatore Ferragamo Mink Clutch
Salvatore Ferragamo Mink Clutch | Mink fur | $1,500.00 | Saks Fifth Ave

Malini Murjani Shoulder Bag
Malini Murjani Shoulder Bag | White haircalf | $1,625.00 | Vivre

Celine Trunkette Bag | Smooth leather with croc-embossed leather trim | $1,450 | eLuxury

JCrew Collection Parker Bag
J.Crew Collection Parker Bag | English tanned leather | $250.00 | J.Crew

Lacoste Corduroy Messenger Bag | Corduroy with leather trim | $120.00 | Neiman Marcus

Elisa Atheniense Coin Clutch
Elisa Atheniense Coin Clutch | Leather clutch with brushed metal coins | $485.00 | Vivre

Paola del Lungo Fox Fur Satchel
Paola del Lungo Satchel | Fox fur with rouched leather | $185.00 | Zappos

Coach handbag
Coach Soho Tweed Demi Flap | Tweed wool, leather and suede | $238.00 | Coach

Elaine Turner Ostrich Handbag
Elaine Turner Ansley | Berry ostrich with gold | $440.00 | Elaine Turner

Ralph Lauren Ricky Calfskin Bag
Ralph Lauren Ricky | Baranil calfskin with leather | $3,000.00 | Ralph Lauren

I thought of this today while flying from Fort Lauderdale back to Columbus, while zoning out into a sweet mini nap. Weird, I always seem to get the good ideas right before falling sleep. Often times, I don’t remember what brilliant bogus I came up with when I wake up. This idea stuck though. Glad it did.

May I present the BagBits. Short & Sweet, to the point and without any extra weight. Bags à la carte, little calories, randomly shuffled together, a minimalistic approach with yet plenty of flavor that will keep you (hopefully) satisfied. Eye candy galore without the extra drivel. Don’t catch on yet? Don’t worry, BagBits Volume I will give you an introductory taste shortly. It even got its very own category, whee.