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  • Smithy

    The Tom Ford Jennifer bag is the handbag of 15 minutes of fame.

  • That McQueen legend tote is becoming something of a legend

  • Passerine

    Some big price cuts! Much as I loved the BV Rialto bag (esp the midnight blue suede version, alas that’s not on sale), I found that the solid leather tab on the closing flap tended to stick out a bit. It wouldn’t stay flat against the flap and kind of jabbed me under my arm.

    • Irene

      A friend has one and I gotta say that when ever she is carrying it, I can’t take my eyes off it. It really is beautiful and somewhat unique.

      • Passerine

        Here is a photo of the dark blue suede version that I love, but you can also see how the tab sticks into the wearer’s arm. I wish it had been been sewn or glued down so that it didn’t stick out this way. Other than that, I love this bag (note: the suede version is only sold in BV stores and costs about $4k; it’s not on sale)

  • Ashley

    Oh I want that Valentino Trapeze tote so very much!! :) Great list of beautiful bags and the mark down on some of them are pretty reasonable too.

  • Irenemitalas@yahoo.com

    I love the Alexander McQueen “Legend” bag. I’ll take any color! I don’t care. Love them all!