Sang A Python River Square Tote Sang A handbags have captivated me. The shapes are very different from many bags that you find in the market, which is hard to say for other designers. One of my favorite Sang A bags is the River Square Tote. And the yellow python version was top on my list after seeing one of Sang A’s friends carrying it to an event in NYC. The perfect shape to hold the bright burst of color. But I held off buying the bag and now I would desperately like to take back my shopping ban (which I somehow continue to break) and go for this amazing deal.

Vivre has marked down the version of the River Tote that caught my attention, a whopping 50% off. I am still going to hold off, not by choice but really because this next month I need to spend money on all my wedding week attire. Someone else buy this and let me live vicariously though you. Available via Vivre for $1,225.

Noteworthy about Sang A: Recently, Sang A had an article featured in The Korea Times with a really nice shout out to us. Thank you Sang A!

The Sang A brand is also getting a boost from fashion blogs, especially those dedicated to designer handbags. Blogs, like the Purse Blog.

“These blogs are a very powerful voice in the industry right now. The writers behind these sites are intelligent, wonderful people and great fans of my collection. These sites have huge circulation and are a great vehicle for young designers to establish their name. The feedback that the readers post on these blogs is pure and honest and is so valuable to the designers,” Sang A said.

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  • Cherie L.

    Her bags are very nice. I would call them “old school progressive” — structured but modern. The Gossip Girl set has her bags on their arms on occasions.

  • Ellen Hart

    I do like the shape and color or this bag, although I tend to lose things in the bottom. I love details and the zipper pull is a great touch!

  • Bag Gal

    I like the shape – it is so elagant and sunny at the same time!

  • Merve

    Great bag, fab price. Im already fan and i wanna get it now however like Megs im curbing spending right now although it hurts :(

  • luvhautecouture

    It looks more like a laptop bag (or school bag) than a purse!

  • Humaira

    Hi, I just bought this bag from Vivre- actually I bought the large River tote as well
    (could not resist). Love them both. The color is more of a honey yellow than the bright yellow in the picture – not sure if the one you saw was a bright one or more ‘sherberty’. If you really want it, you should get it now. When I bought it, I was told there are only two in stock!

  • Lianne

    Wow. Now that is a gorgeous purse. Just the sort of heavily structured purse that I love (compared to loosey-goosey hobos). Sadly, I would not be able to justify spending that much on a purse right now.