Are you gearing up for Black Friday like the rest of the shopping world? Once again, I am thrilled to share an offer that is exclusive to our Purse Blog readers! Here is the offer: Buy a leather bag and get a leather pouch. All you need to do is enter the following coupon code: PURSEBLOGGIFT at checkout and the leather pouch will be yours. As always, it is important to note that this offer can’t be combined with any other promotion going on at the same time. So, what are some of the featured bags? Well, there is the French Cafe Tote in Canadian Red which is gorgeous and sure to be a stand out whether you tote this around during the holiday season or seasons to come. You know that red is spicy!

There is also the Venetian Village Bag in Vintage Tribe Leather. This is the kind of bag that could be used as a messenger bag or a tote. There is plenty of room to store your daily essentials but not too much room so that they are hard to find.

Finally there is the
Venetian Village Bag in Classic Prince Leather
(black and chocolate). The pebbled leather is downright touchable and in fact, this is the kind of leather that actually gets better and softer the more you use it. Visit Roots for more information. The offer is only good while supplies last.

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  • Ruth

    WOW!!! I feel so proud that you featured Roots bags on the blog. I live in Toronto, and every 2nd person is toting one of these beauties. I’m, however, a Canadian anomoly. The Purse Forum has turned me on to Rebecca Minkoff, Botkier, Lockheart and Marc Jacobs…so…no Roots for me.

  • Vanessa

    Sweet deal– I love online promo deals and Roots have wick leather bags. They’ve really stepped it up over the years too, quite impressive!


  • janice

    Hey this is awesome to see Roots on here! I have at least 7 Roots leather bags in my closet. It is about time everyone else in the world got to know Canada’s best kept secret… they make the best bags in the world in Canada!

  • Rae

    I love their clutches. Ultra chic and modern..I think I’m going to be snagging the French tote it’s sooo cute!

  • MissTina

    I love Roots! I have 4 Roots bags in constant rotation and so do my pals. The bags are great and can stand years of abuse and even look better once they are broken in. I used to get Coach bags whenever I could but now it is only Roots. (and I am Canadian too)

  • Tatijana

    I bought my first Roots bag this year in a fiery red colour and love it! Apparently my friends do too – two of them have bought the same bag since (fortunately in different colours)!

    Very cool to see a Canadian brand featured. (And yes, I’m Canadian too.)

  • DiscoMom

    I’m not Canadian.. but I’ve lived in Canada years back.. That’s how I found out about Roots! I love their bags and i’m glad its now featured here in PB. Last year, I visited Toronto, and bought my secretary one of their flat blags/ pouches. Now, i can’t believe i’m reading about it. She said she’s gotten so many compliments on it and its her best travel bag! Sweet!!!

  • Carly

    I agree- Roots is def. a Canadian Gem… Justin Timberlake and other celebs always hit the store when they are in town… the store is closed from the public and they spend hours in there! Great quality stuff, and most comfy sweats!!

  • Chelsea F

    I love this! :)

  • Eileen

    I can’t believe that Roots are coming out with cute bags! Luckly I can by my bag online. I wish they had more colours, but the french cafe bag in red is really cute. A friend of mine snag one after I showed her the site and now every girlfriend of ours envious of her bag.

  • Jessie

    LOVE-LOVE-LOVE MY ROOTS BAGS!!!!!.. my Mom has one and now that I just got my deep purple bag clutch and french cafe bag, she’s been hounding me to borrow my bag.. SO.. when are we going to see a Roots bag in the BEG BORROW AND STEAL site.. would love to borrow a few of them right now!

  • Rebbecca

    Long time Roots fans and I’m loving my bag more and more and more!!!
    When are we going to find one of a kind bags from Roots?? A lot of designers are coming out with one of kind bags online and I’m still waiting for my one of kind Roots Bag!!!!.. I’ll keep my out for it!

  • Shanon

    I’ve always love Roots bag even though I live in LA.. walking in LA I see a couple of celebs rocking the Roots bags and like I’m in good company having some of the best arm candy in the industry. ECO CHIC and AFFORDABLE AT THE SAME TIME.. waiting to buy my next bag.

  • Alex

    CLUTCH.. THE TOTES.. EDITORS .. WHAT IS NEXT?? I went to see the Charlotte bag>> WAY CUTE!!!!!.. I need a new BAG!!!

  • danielle woycenko

    love, love, love these bags!

  • mike

    Any roots fans looking to part with a Banff or Small Banff bag? Looking to buy a used one locally if possible (somewhere in the Toronto area, or I will pay for shipping.) Let me know.

    I also have a custom extra small banff bag that I’m looking to sell — just too small for me. It’s red, only used a couple of times.