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While last year I placed myself on a self-imposed bag shopping ban because we bought a house, this year is a different story. I have this itch to add quite a few bags to my collection and a Prada bag is at the top of my list. Prada’s Saffiano bags are some of the most sought after from the brand and most recognizable too. I love the Double Bag and am leaning toward adding one of the many renditions of this bag to my collection (maybe a Bi-Color version).

If you too are looking for a Prada bag, you should check out the offerings at MyHabit right now. All of these bags are marked below retail price and there are quite a few options. There are plenty of different colored Double Bags and a few other style options as well. If you have been hunting for a pink bag, you’ll want to check these out as Prada creates some of the most beautiful hues of pink.

Check out the Prada handbags event and shop it at MyHabit now!

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  • Sparky

    i just took a look. Interesting site created by Amazon. I’ll to look into this more carefully. I want to know who is supplying Amazon and try to determine if these are real or super-fakes.

    • Annjborn

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    • Passerine

      Thank you for raising those important questions. I hope PB will come back soon with the answers — it would be a real blow for someone to buy a bag from a site promoted here and then end up with a fake or a bag in worse condition than advertised!

      • Sparky

        And the prices!!!!!!! Too much risk for me.

      • Iris

        I agree. Does Megs have any evidence of the authenticity of the products that we are not privy to. Have had more than one close friend duped by beyond the rack fake handbags so I would run a mile from these sites. Hope Megs comments on the concerns from us because it affects the credibility of PB.

      • I’ve personally shopped at sites like MyHabit, RueLaLa, and Gilt over the years and never received a fake. I have reached out to MyHabit to see their policies and if they can offer any further information.

        I would never want to lead anyone to a fake and take authenticity seriously, plus understand how important it is that I share good information with our readers. I will come back to update you all on what I hear from the MyHabit team.

      • Iris

        Much appreciated???? your site has become the go to place to look for honest reviews and recommendations for us handbag lovers when we plan to splurge big bucks on a new bag. That is why this matters so much. Thanks for all your great work!

    • Nart

      I bought from MyHabit before and got a fake. It wasnt even a super fake. It was a really really bad fake. I compared it to my friend’s bag of the same model and same color which she got from a Prada boutique and we could see that the bag was a total knockoff. I still have the pictures in my phone of the two bags I can post here if you guys want.

      If you read the forum, many members have reported getting fake bags from sites like Gilt, MyHabit, RueLaLa, etc. Stay away from these websites! Get your bags from authorized retailers and Prada boutiques!

    • Sparkletastic

      Their connection to Amazon is one reason it trusted them. They sold me a fake Gucci. Horrible!

  • Tiffany

    MyHabit sells FAKE BAGS! Same as sites like Gilt and RueLaLa!

    The forum has tons of posts and pictures of fake bags from websites like these. It is named as one of the retailers constantly selling fake bags in the thread “Prada Hall of shame”. STAY AWAY!

    • helping hand

      I went to MYHABIT and I bought one of the bags and it looked so fake. I was s heartbroken cause I had spent a lot of money. I wish that I had someway to know the real from a fake. so I did my research and I found this site that helped me find out the real and buy it the designer. It will help you stay away from places like MyHibit.

  • Jennifer McGee

    These prices are still pretty heft for fakes. I find it saves a lot of time and aggravation to just shop at the brand’s flagship store, website or a retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue. You really only save a couple of hundred dollars on this site (and you don’t always know what you are getting). I feel the same way about pre-owned items. Some pre-owned bags cost as much or more if you were to buy retail. However, I do feel pre-owned is a great option if you are looking for something that has been discountinued.

  • laura

    I will never buy a designer bag from a site like MyHabit, it’s too risky since they are not authorized retailers you don’t really know if you’re getting a real or a fake. I’m shocked to see that it’s being promoted here since a lot of Purse Forum members have reported to have received fakes.

  • Sparkletastic

    The ONLY fake bag I’ve ever bought came from My Habit. It was supposed to be brand new and authentic. It was a bad fake. NEVER again! This is one business partner with whom you need to part ways and not endorse.

    • Gloriarbowman1

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    • Passerine

      I’m really sorry to hear that — I hope you got your money back. I also hope that PB pulls this post unless My Habit guarantees that their bags are all genuine and in the condition advertised (with a MINIMUM of full refund + shipping costs for anything that might slip past their radar).

      I have nothing against second-hand sellers, as long as they stand by their merchandise. I recently sold my Burberry Minford bag through Ann’s Fabulous Finds and they carefully examined the bag and the supporting info I supplied before putting it on their site.

  • Imgoingbroke

    Prada bags aren’t that expensive in the first place. The fakes sold on My Habit are almost as expensive as an authentic Prada sold from one of the their flagship stores or one of their reputable retailers. Do yourself a favor and stay away from My Habit. The risk is high and not worth a few bucks saved.

  • Hi all – just wanted to add that I reached out to MyHabit for a statement on their products and received this response they wanted me to share with you. As you know we take authenticity very seriously here and work hard to only partner with reputable brands.

    “MyHabit takes authenticity very seriously and stands behind the authenticity of products we sell. We welcome any MyHabit customer that has concerns regarding the authenticity of a product that they’ve received from us to contact us. We will investigate the concerns thoroughly and take appropriate action.

    Please encourage any customer who believes or has been told that their bag is not authentic to get in touch with our customer service. We do not take these issues lightly.”

  • Gia

    Only buy from an athorized dealer, Neiman Marcus, Saks, or actual boutique i.e. Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Fashionphile for authentic designer goods.

    Otherwise you spend your hard earned cash for fakes!
    I bought a Balenciaia and Gucci from Bluefly each for $1000. Both turned out to be fakes!
    Bluefly will do nothing but keep you money.