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  • Daphne

    I tried to purchase the Marc Jacobs Saloni bag in black via Nordstrom’s Web site. It was marked down to $800 something!!! I purchased it immediately and anxiously kept checking my order status to see when it was coming.

    The day after, my card still hadn’t been charged. A rep assured me that they were still processing my order and that the bag would ship shortly.

    Today, I logged on and the bag was no longer listed!!!!!!!! I contacted Nordy’s again and the rep just said, “sorry. It’s sold out. Someone should’ve called you.”

    I never got a call, message, or any other notification. If the bag was out of stock, why didn’t their Web site state that when I placed my order? Furthermore, why did it take so long to process my card? Couldn’t they just have done it on the spot to secure my purchase?????? Their “we’re busy with the Half Yearly Sale” excuse is not acceptable.

    Please proceed with caution if buying a bag from Nordstrom online during the sale. Chances are, the same thing will happen to you!!! I am writing a letter to their corporate office to complain.

  • nordieslover

    I know this is from last year but still Daphne didn’t even take time to read Nordstroms policys!It says right there when you add something to your online shopping bag “Merchandise availability is not guaranteed” hello! If you want to double check if something is in stock you can do a live chat and they will tell you exact numbers. Im sure she got a letter back saying “guess what it says right there in black and white Merchandise availability is not guaranteed”