I know what you are all thinking: “Megs, you already bought this bag, didn’t like it, and returned it”. You will be right in thinking that. Call me crazy but this exact Alexander Wang Rocco Bag has been haunting me since the day I wanted it, the day I got it, and the day I returned it. It still is not the bag for me, but if you don’t mind the weight and the lack of shape of the bag, you may need to buy this Rocco before it sells out. Part of the Net-A-Porter end of season sale, the Alexander Wang Rocco with wavy stitch detailing is marked 30% down.

Alexander Wang hit big with his Rocco line of handbags and this was my favorite version I ever saw. It has a sporty feel while still retaining the allure of the original. Like I said earlier and in my original review, the lack of shape combined with the weight was not for me. But when I saw this bag hit the sale, I almost got this weird yearning. Alexander Wang, you have found a way to make a bag truly haunt me (and that is hard to do). So if you love the Rocco, this is a great version which is now marked down from $875 to $612 at NAP.

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  • gpc

    Saw this bag in pics on the web being carried by Reese Witherspoon and it looked great. I wonder if she bought this bag herself or it was given to her…

    • I saw her with it too and it made me re-re-think!!! She looks great with it.

      I have seen other celebs with their Alexander Wang bags and they are really slouchy, like overly so. But Reese looked amazing.

  • Valentina

    Let the temptation take over your soul, don’t resist it. This Rocco is beautiful.

  • kemilia

    I dunno … if you are still thinking about it probably means you really really want it.

    At least that’s what I always tell myself (getting whatever is making me rethink my decision makes me happy). You could do the old “sleep on it” but that bag will probably be gone by tomorrow morn.

    • Where I am stuck is do I have $600 worth of want for this bag or can I use that $600 to a bag I REALLY want?!

  • Claire

    I think it’s handbag fate. You now know exactly what you’re getting. Go for it.

  • maria

    have you thougth of a base shaper like the ones people use for their lv speedys? (please excuse my english)

    • I didn’t. Speedy bags are not nearly as heavy, I wonder how it would work though… A possibility

  • maria

    or you can cut a piece of cardboard into shape and put it at the botton of the bag.

  • Zaneta

    This Rocco is very unique. Especially with the different shape. Looks like it’s gonna hunt you until you get it. So what are you waiting for?

    • I want a PS1…. So should I go for that or this?!

      • Paulina

        I’d rather go for the PS1. You tried the Rocco and it didn’t work for you, and although it haunts you, maybe it’s just one of those bags you have to admire from afar?

      • gpc

        Here is something to consider: You bought the Rocco and returned it, yet can’t stop thinking about it. You have not bought the PS1, just talked about it. I think the Rocco is speaking to you louder…

  • Sofia Nolan

    cheap, what`s there to like about it.

  • Tiffany

    I love that bag, but I just got another Chanel from fashionphile! Darn..maybe later I can spring for it!

  • WGS

    don’t get it. you already returned it, which means you didn’t like it in the first place. use the $$ and get a bag you REALLY want, not because its on sale! :)

  • Kara

    You bought it once and returned what’ changed the bag will still be heavy and lack shape and for the amount of them on the re-sale market seem like people are over them. Save the funds and get what you REALLY WANT!

  • Karin bag4bag

    I would go the PS1…there is nothing to complain about one of those.

  • kim

    it’s like a soggy diaper. i will never buy this bag even if it’s marked down.

    • Nola


  • Karin bag4bag

    I have changed my mind – You should buy it ! You haven’t been able to get it out of your head, so that’s it !

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    I have reached a point physically where I can use a handheld bag, but need to also have a shoulder strap to take the weight off my hand and arm. So this heavy handheld only option bag is just too heavy!

  • Jen

    wait for the new styles of the Rocco – they come with a shoulder strap and look much more structured (also I think they are less heavy)

  • Suchi

    I’m like this bag, i wish it had a little more structure though. its like a deflated speedy. i love the other wang thats out, there’s something very YSL about it. Its classic, in an unconventional way.

  • Suchi

    *I not i’m… typo :)

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  • Cheapie

    honestly, i bought a replica.
    No average woman has 895 dollars to drop on a bag that is good for one season.
    my friend (with money to burn) has the actual one
    mine was 60 bucks.
    similarities: stud shape, colors, alexander wang dust bag and logo on the inside
    differences: hers is huge, heavy with no shape. mine actually has a shape and is a decent size.
    i actually get more compliments because I can take mine out daily while hers is once in a while when she wants a work out.
    this is the one time i was happy to be cheap :)

    • Naydrizzle

      where did you get yours?

  • MBT shoecheap ugg

    Where I am stuck is do I have $600 worth of want for this bag or can I use that $600 to a bag I REALLY want?!

  • holesale replica

    I have reached a point physically where I can use a handheld bag, but need to also have a shoulder strap to take the weight off my hand and arm. So this heavy handheld only option bag is just too heavy!

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  • Emma G

    Love it (ipad)

  • Alex

    I have the AW Rocco with strap in basic black, I have used it many times since I purchased it over a year ago. It does lack shape and is very heavy. I like the fact that I can really load stuff into it though. I mean, it really is a mini duffle. The bottom doesn’t really lack shape because of the studding, it’s the sides that tend to cave in. I really like owning it.

    Shortly after purchasing my black one, I also bought the same bag in mustard. I really liked the neutral mustard color, but my 11 year old daughter said it reminded her of a turd, she likes to call it my turd bag. I think it’s pretty funny, cause she is sorta correct on that one. Needless to say, the AW Rocco has been one of my most used bags.

  • AW

    I don’t know if I would pay for this bag even at the discounted price. The color is non-descript and tbh it looks a bit dirty and dingy and the shape is not helping either.

  • turadosapuay

    worth it!