Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply Shopper

After the Anya Hindmarch I’m Not a Plastic Bag craze, many designers ventured into the realm of eco-friendly reusable bags. This may not be the case with this Marc Jacobs bag, yet it is still an eco-friendly shopper that can be used for groceries and everyday wear. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply Shopper is designed with navy canvas with white designer print on the front and a patch pocket on the bag. My favorite part about this bag is the perfect organization pockets on the inside, making it a great bag for school or work also. Everything is simple, there is white stitch detailing, a zip top fastening, and double shoulder straps. The price is below $100, which is great on your account. But in the simple canvas, eco-friendly trend, is this the bag you would opt for? Buy through NAP for $98.

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  • erin

    Erm… this sort of looks like someone bought a bag from Target and then painted “Marc Jacobs” on it themselves. I would have thought this was a fake if I saw it somewhere other than this post.

  • dolly

    a little too much logo for my taste. i prefer to leave them guessing a bit :wink:

  • william

    I agree with the previous statements, it looks cheap, is over branded, and I don’t like the idea of an east/west canvas tote. There are so many simple canvas totes that you can find for $10, this just seems pointless.

  • Hot bitch

    Ummm no offense but you obviously dont get marc jacobs if you think this is supposed to be a nice bag, it says “standard supply” and marc is into vintage. DUH. Now, I do agree this is a stupid bag i would NOT buy.

    • Dolly

      Ummm, Where does it say this is a nice bag? I personally don’t think I need to “get” Marc jacobs before I review this purse. It looks like an Old Navy tote bag and he wants 4100. End of story.

  • Margarita

    The Anya Hindmarch bag actually had a message whereas this is just a logo…not something I would ever pic up..

    Looks like a tote someone could have crafted with a Target tote and a bucket of white paint as a summer camp project… :roll:

  • Hot bitch

    It doesnt say nice bag, the way you speak of it is as if it SHOULD be, saying it looks cheap (as opposed to nice or expensive) airhead. And actually he wants $98! End of story.

    • Dolly

      I didn’t say it looks cheap. Read my post airhead. I said too much logo. Learn to read and if you want insults watch out. Your name is appropriate, If by hot, you mean sweaty :roll: .

  • ellie

    this reminds me of the $15 tote that says marc by marc jacobs made by marc jacobs for marc by marc jacobs or whatever it is that the bag actually says. $98 is way too much.

  • elyse

    it is actually much cuter in bright pink…still not the best bag ever, but it would be a great gift for someone who lusts after a marc jacobs bag, but cant afford it.

  • Michelle

    I love this bag! so cute for everyday, I have it in army green and I get tons of compliments on it – everyone on here hates it, but I love it!

  • Clay

    Just got this. I think it’s absolutely fabulous for uni. Very utilitarian and functional, yet stylish. Loves it.

  • IloveMarcJacobs

    My favourite designer but I think this bag is dissapointing compared to all his other creations. However it is a great bag like clay says for uni!

  • Kendra

    Are they still selling this? (fb)