Marc by Marc Jacobs Quinn Bag

I will tell you what is over-rated, the Marc Jacobs handbag line. Why even bother with paying double the price tag for a Marc Jacobs bag when you can have a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag for half the price and double the looks?! It certainly seems like we are getting away with a bait and switch; paying for the expensive bag with the small price tag. But this is not illegal, it just seems wrong but feels so good. All of the latest Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags are hands-down outdoing the big sister Marc Jacobs line. Here is another cute Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag, the Quinn, which is shown in a bright and fun lemon leather. The color is really eye-catching, and perfect for the sunshine days that are just a season away. So climb your way out of your snow-ridden house, and smile at this great bag deal! The silver hardware is the best option for this handbag, leaving it pretty but not super flashy. Many of the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags have been using turn lock fastenings on the front which I absolutely love. There are double straps, a pocket on each end, and monogrammed lining. Dimensions for this bag are perfect; W 15″ x H 13″ x D 5″. And the price, right under $500! Lemon fresh for the spring and summer at Net A Porter for $458.

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  • mette

    There is no nice way to say this,but the bag looks awful,cheap and ugly. I hope nobody falls for it. I´d rather carry a paper bag.

  • Chi town Chanel

    Actually, compared to most of the Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs bags I have seen, this is a nice surprise. The shape and look are somewhat generic, but the color makes it pop. If this bag were a neutral color, there would be nothing to talk about here. Also, at this price point it is a good knock-around-town bag for city girls who take public transportation. I wouldn’t freak out if I had to set it on the floor or if someone bumped up against it. I must say that I haven’t seen any bags coming from Marc Jacobs or LV that I have liked in a long time. There has been a lot of copy catting and not a lot of interesting new design ideas…

  • william

    I have to agree with the first person to comment, this is definitely a fug bag.

  • janis

    Looks the the Jimmy Choo Malena, which I am not fond of either.

  • Judi

    Holy cow, guys, I love it! But then I’m a yellow addict. :smile:

  • mary

    The bag is very basic. I would never spend money on it. I do love Marc Jacobs though…that damn Stan bag is worth every penny.

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  • asil

    yeah i agree…..the only marc by marc jacobs i was considering was the turnlockbag with the zipper at the bottom….in that beautiful rich chocolate brown or the bordeaux…..this one is fugly…

  • saRAH


  • becks

    I like this bag! It’s a nice daytime bag to go run errands with. And I LOVE the colour! I honestly think this is the only Marc bag (of either the Marc or Marc by Marc lines) that I’ve liked.

  • holic

    I usually like M by MJ bags but this one’s not one of them. This one just proves MJ line is NOT overrated.

  • kartik

    I like the lovely lemon yellow colour Marc bag. It looks a good buy, very trendy. Designed well.

  • kartik

    I like the lovely lemon yellow colour Marc bag. It looks a good buy, very trendy. Designed well.


    Fashion Evangelist

  • mh21

    When I first saw this bag (months ago) I couldn’t tell whether I loved it or hated it. I actually felt both depending on my mood. Now I’m seeing it again it reminds me of the Mulberry Bayswater, but with a casual twist. I really like this bag especially in the lemon. And at this price (it’s about half the price of a Bayswater) it’s a designer bargain.

  • Love for CocoChanel

    I think I would save the $498 of the bag to get a MJ Stam bag.

    Never really liked any of M by Mj items.

  • gabrielle

    and you’ll find that bag at loehmans in about 6 months.

  • Kendra

    I adore this bag! (fb)