Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Tote
Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Tote

Right now Vlad and I are enjoying South Florida; in boots and sweaters. The weather has dipped into the 40’s and 50’s (tonight said to be in the 30’s!) and in Ft Lauderdale and Miami this is not only very rare but also a huge ordeal. The top news story has been the chilly weather along with the wind chill advisories in effect. To me it is stunning! The air is so crisp and fresh and the sky is crystal blue. We drove by the beach today, which was empty, though there were definitely some snow-birds on the sand. To a Floridian this weather is like an Arctic freeze, but to someone from an area that gets pounded with snow, this is WARM. I stayed off the beach but have been enjoying the hot tub all day. If I didn’t feel the chill on my face, I would think it was summer here. Summer means the beach and the beach means a beach bag. I am always on the hunt for a sturdy and practical beach bag. I have never been a fan of clear vinyl bags, but for the beach, they make sense. Adding a quirky twist, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Tote is trimmed in white patent leather and features a woeful beach girl sipping out of a pineapple on the front. I have no idea why she looks so down in the dumps, because if I were wearing my bikini and shades while sipping an icy beverage I would be thrilled! Miss Marc has made an appearance before on Marc Jacobs handbags and her bright and bubbly smiling face (ha!) is here for spring and summer. Buy through Saks for $168.

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  • Candace

    Vlad & Megs, Where are you in Florida….. i’m in west palm and it’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing!!!!!!!!!!

  • alatrop

    I wish it were in the 40’s and 50’s here! I’m up in Michigan/Ohio and it’s COLD. We got a ton of snow yesterday and a bit more today.

  • Elise

    Anyone interested, get this from Saks Fifth for $138!

  • Otter

    Miss Marc is frowning because she is FAT. Take a look at that drawing — a fattie in a bikini. Not a happy sight.

  • bachus

    Are those whiskers??


    This handbag is cute I like it :D

  • pursechazer

    i really like this bag i hope they have it at holts

  • chloehandbags

    HeHeHe! :lol:

    That bag’s hilarious; I love it!

    I think you’re wrong (as well as rather rude), Otter; she’s obviously frowning because she has sunburn and will also have terrible tan lines (the poor thing’s all pink in places!). :grin:

  • mette

    I´ll definitely pass this one.

  • merve

    Elise im interested but live in europe so cant buy it. Anyone know somewhere i can order online that delivers to Europe?

  • chloehandbags

    ^ You can call NM and they should be able to ship it to you. :grin:

  • miss m

    i loove this bag too. the one that on saks is the small one isnt it? NM & BG sell the big one? am i right?

  • sinnasue

    shopbop has this bag and you can order it and pay for it online. They ship worldwide.

  • Black woman

    I think the photo is quite funny. wish the girl’s skin came in other colors

  • Deanna Belli

    Do not care for this. Something my “tween” daughter would carry.

  • mobila

    am crazy about this bag!!! anyone can tell me where can i get it!!! THANK YOU VERY2 MUCH

  • Cinch

    *ihihi…. i adore this bag, that’s why I bought it… I prefer the bigger one though ….

  • misterdavid

    i’m crazy about MISS MARC. can we please, please get into “Miss Marc as Stewardess Flight Bag,” or the tote variety? I purchased (last one san francisco)the flight bag for my retail-crazed neice for her high school graduation present, i hope she likes it. she craves the big girl bling, & MJ is her fav., but i think miss marc is totally appropo for an 18 year old. flight bags by MJ also have that chuny zipper girls dig on.

  • Kendra

    Not worth the 200 asking price. (fb)