Juicy Couture Slouch Leather Tote

This past weekend was filled with craziness; first my birthday and second preparing for Hurricane Ike, which took a turn away from South Florida, so we are in the clear. But the weekend was great nonetheless and now we are back to work. I was talking about the pull away from super high end designer bags last week, and I am going with that today too. The fact of the matter is that many people are deciding to opt for ‘more affordable’ bags rather than the premiere designer bags. Do you fit into this category?

And while I have not been the kindest to Juicy Couture handbags in the past, I am pleasantly surprised by quite a few of their bags as of late. Now there is the Juicy Couture Slouch Leather Tote which is a large roomy and slouchy tote made with soft leather and minimal hardware. Simplicity is something that Juicy Couture struggles with at times, wanting to add their logo or emblem, but this bag flies under the radar quite nicely. Available in dusty power pink leather or black leather, the Slouch Leather Tote has pleating around the sides and a fastening at the top. The hardware does have the designer emblem embossed on it, but it does not garner too much attention. All in all, I really like this bag. Buy through Net A Porter for $525.

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  • lunatwinkle

    I saw this at Nordstroms yesterday, I really like it. I’m need a black leather bag for winter, and am considering this one. :)

  • It is a very good option!! Price point is quite good

  • I like it too! Looks like a comfortable bag.
    So relieved Ike went away… I was so scared.

  • Anilu – Same here!!!! Hopefully Ike will dissipate and not be too bad for the other people out there…

  • Jacquelyn

    imho, $500+ is too much money to be spent on juicy couture. on the other hand, i have yet to consider rebecca minkoff a “premier” designer, but she has made a name for herself, and has nicely nestled her edgy products right between designer and premier designer categories – in other words she is above the norm. i would much rather opt for a minkoff bag than a juicy couture any day. call me crazy, but doesn’t juicy have this sort of juvenile aura to it? i’m in my 20’s and i feel too old to wear it. however, it would be nice for high school girls, or those young at heart :)

  • ^ I don’t think this bag looks too young, but I am also used to seeing very very young looks from Juicy.

    And I ADORE Rebecca Minkoff and her bags!!

  • Ellez

    Totally agree with Jacquelyn. If I was going to spend $500 plus on a bag I’d probably go with RM over Juicy Couture. Although this bag is very cute and it’s nice to see something from them that isn’t covered in bubblegum pink.

  • Alex

    these are cute for sure, but i also have to agree…i’d rather drop the $ on a RM.

    so glad Ike turned. we got slammed with T.S. Hanna, but avoided flooding. got 6″ of rain though!

  • Alexia

    cute bag, very miu miu-esque. maybe it is just me but those buckles remind me of miumiu bags. i am considering this bag but, obviously i prefer miumiu.

  • susan

    I’m not loving it. However, I am in want/need of a bag that is not a fortune. I’ve found that the new JCrew bags are the same price point…and really cute.

  • inez

    they are on sale at nordstrom!

  • I Medici

    Wish they used better leather… Looks kinda cheap

  • Amanda Grieme

    I, too, agree with the leather commentary! The slouch does look a bit cheap. But juicy totes, in my humble opinion, are a beautiful grade leather. Comparable to MiuMiu ( my favorite) I have a few Juicy bags, understated, and actually have a recent purchase for sale on Ebay because I needed something even more bold, for the price!