Juicy Couture Patent Leather Lovely Bag
Juicy Couture Patent Leather Lovely Bag

You all know I have not been a huge fan of Juicy Couture Bags in the past. I will even admit that I was a bit harsh. You see, their bags appealed to me when they first came out. I was in high school still and they were perfect for what I needed. But about six months later I needed more and I did not find that in the Juicy Bags. While their bags appeal to a younger crowd, I finally found a bag from Juicy that will appeal to a larger group. The shape, size, and look of the Juicy Couture Patent Leather Lovely Bag really brings Juicy to a new level in the handbag world. The shape is clever and easy to dress up if you are older or have fun with if you are younger. The color is called angel, it is like a slight beige hue mixed with white, which is perfect for this spring and summer. The patent leather is offset with suede and woven canvas trim and contrast topstitching. The other reason I like this bag is it is simple. Juicy Couture is known for their charms and extra add-ons, but sometimes we just want simple. This is an incredibly clean look for the brand and I would venture to say most looking at the bag would not even realize this was Juicy Couture. Dimensions are 12.5″x 12.25″x 6″. Buy through eLuxury for $350.

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  • janis

    Very nice…grown up juicy!

  • mette

    They really have put a lot of energy on a bag that actually is very cheap.

  • mh21

    this is the first JC bag I like

  • dela

    What year did juicy introduce their bags line?

  • cal

    I (sort of) was one of those Juicy wearers in HS too…my school was over flooded with velour, uggs, the dior handbags with sporty numbers and stripes on them, and the famous plastic juicy totes…but even this is a little bit too sporty, and I think that lessens the sophistication. However, i will say it’s a vast improvement.

  • Olga

    i really don’t like Juicy Couture, their bags are always so tacky and cheap, and this one is another example.

  • MizzJ

    I don’t know.. I’d have to disagree with some of the comments on this post. While yes JC does like to dance across the line between trendy and tacky, this offering is quite restrained for them! I think it would make a perfect everyday bag, if only it were maybe in actual leather, rather than patent leather, which would make it more sophisticated and less surburban-chic.


  • pat

    How do I clean a patent leather bag that was stored in plastic to remove stains on it.