Juicy Couture Gossip Hobo

I’ll go ahead and say this now: I’m not great fan of Juicy Couture. I don’t like wearing sweats out of the house, making their signature track suits well nigh useless in my wardrobe, and I’m definitely not a fan of the (mercifully dying) trend of wearing messages across one’s bum, a communication tool that their creators pioneered.

It seems, though, that with changing tastes and changing markets, Juicy Couture has started to get their grown-up act together a bit. I noticed some absolutely covetable coats in last year’s fall/winter collection, and I think their line of jewelry charms is darling. I admit all this begrudgingly: their heretofore unimpressive line of sweatpants and message tees makes me really want to continue to snark about them, but I’m now willing to admit that I may have to reevaluate my opinions.

I have a hard time respecting a brand that slacks in the handbag department, though, and up until fairly recently, Juicy’s handbag line was more or less a bunch of elaborately embroidered towel-bags. Since absorbency is not in my set of bag criteria, I always walked straight past them in department stores, en route to things made of more appropriate materials.

Yesterday, however, Juicy Couture managed to prove me (at least momentarily) wrong. I was with my mom, perusing the handbags at Bloomingdale’s in Atlanta, and a black hobo caught my eye. Normally, black bags don’t do it for me, but this had a great shape and the leather looked really soft, so I bit. As I walked up to it, I noticed where I was – the Juicy Couture section. I almost abandoned ship right there, but I figured there was no harm in looking, right?

Lo and behold, I found myself holding the Juicy Couture Leather Lock Gossip Hobo in black. I can’t find any information on what type of leather the bag is composed of, but based on how incredibly soft and unstructured it was, I’m guessing lamb. And there are very few things in life that I love more than a bag made out of lamb leather (sorry, lambs).

I started yanking the stuffing out of it like a mad woman in order to try it on, drawing some odd looks from nearby salespeople (I told them why I was doing it, and it turns out they’re fans of the blog!), and I liked the bag even better once it wasn’t full of tissue paper. The official photography is misleading, as it is with a lot of super-soft bags – in real life, the hobo part is taller, the arm opening smaller, and the shape altogether more reminiscent of the Gucci Horsebit Hobo, except much less expensive and much more comfortable on the shoulder.

The diagonal strips of leather give the otherwise-neutral bag a bit of visual interest, and the way the strap is attached is beautiful in person and shows tremendous creativity and attention to detail – they certainly didn’t have to make the bag this special, or out of this type of wonderful leather, to justify their very reasonable price tag of $450 via eLuxury.

So I’m going to be paying closer attention to Juicy in the future – as long as they continue their new tradition of not writing ‘Juicy’ all over everything they manufacture.

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  • I don’t hate it, but the colors are drab.

  • nesia

    this bag has been out for a while…

  • janis

    ugly bag….again

  • jackie

    i got this bag at the nordstrom sale in the red color & I sent it back. It was cheap & ugly looking, which you can’t tell from the photo.

    • Maybe you got a previous season’s version? The girls at Bloomies said it only came in black and brown, and the leather on the ones I tried on was absolutely *awesome*, I was floored. The one I saw was MUCH nicer than this photo, I couldn’t find an online picture of it that did it any justice. They also said that they hadn’t had them for very long.

      I agree with the previous poster that said that the colors were boring, though. I don’t like brown bags, and really, who needs another black bag?

  • Alison

    I also bought the bag for the Nordstrom anniversary sale and sent it back. It looked so cheap and looked like I found it at Forever 21..on sale.

  • barbara

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I just bought this item in raspberry. I’m a fan of leather bags in general. I have also noticed this bag is no longer on sale at nordies… perhaps they were clearing out a previous version?

  • Stephsea

    This bag is still on sale until August 4th, if you can find any left that is. I just got one last night. I’ve only seen it in black or brown.

  • barbara

    Oops i meant the nordstrom’s website. They have it at regular price now. You can get the raspberry one from revolve.

  • kelly

    It looks like they copied from Jimmy Choo and Miu Miu, somehow they got so lost in the hobo-world. :?:

  • It’s just not my style. I need more oomph to the look – more bling, or a bright color.

  • Jessica

    I am not a huge fan of anything juicy either except for a few of their pieces most of the time i find that their stuff is overpriced and ridiculous. I saw the bag in the nordstrom anniversary catalog and was ready to pick it up at the presale because it had an expensive look to it in the catalog only to find that in person it looked cheap exceptions to the black which looked decent but still not worth the 200 something sale price.

  • Crystal

    I saw a great picture of this bag on the Nordstrom website, but you have to search it under “Steve Madden” black patent belt. The model was carrying two bags, and this was the other one in Bacardi (gray) color. I love it!!!

  • barbara

    after a much anticipated wait my gossip bag finally arrived. After reading the other posts I was very hesitant to open the box. But I love it! The leather is very fine and i love the gold tone hardware. I’m a fan of botkier and kooba so I do enjoy this combination. My only gripe is that the box was sorta crushed, so the bag has a few wrinkles. If you’re looking for a unique color I would definitely recommend the raspberry.

  • Cor

    This bag is great. You have to have an acquired tasted for this type of bag…the color, the shape…etc. I wanted a grungy looking oversized bag that looked kind of worn and vintage, brown..but an off color…and I saw this! It’s not ugly..you just have to be in the mood for this type of look.

  • LoLo

    its hideous I hated it u have such ugly taste FU (fuck you)

  • ashley

    I think you have a wonderful taste!!!!This bag is sold out everywhere and is in high demand.Everyone compliments whenever I wear it.Please do not be jealous because you dont have enough money to get this gorgeous leather handbag! It is every girls dream to own a perfect leather handbag. You just can not accept it. I hope one day you will have a great bag too which is more than $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashley

    My words were to LOLO

  • Caitlin

    I love this bag as i also can’t get enough of juicy couture however this one in particular is not my faveourite, have you checked out the new range at:http://www.juicycouture.com/

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  • irene

    i really like this bag. i would like to have it in red.

  • Universal

    The new pink bag is nice. But what does the Initials. Under. The word (love) stand for?