Juicy Couture China C Satchel Juicy Couture has found its way onto the Purse Blog love list. Prices of their bags are very manageable and the girls behind Juicy Couture have started to design logo-free leather bags that are entirely cute. The last bag from the Juicy Couture team that we adored was the Juicy Couture Gossip Hobo. And now I have found a chic satchel, the Juicy Couture China C Satchel, which is another pleasant surprise from the Juicy team. This is a simple but usable satchel, with pleated leather and the only remnant reminding you of Juicy Couture is the removable iconic charms. There are the options of double handles or a removable shoulder strap. Measurements are 14″W X 9½”H X 3¾”D. And just in time for Valentine’s Day, there is the light paradise pink version or for a more day-to-day use there is black. Buy through Saks for $350.

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  • Cindy

    The color’s pretty.

  • Shannon

    Wow really cute, I love the colour and it looks so soft. Good deal!

  • Lauren

    That’s an incredible price for such a nice bag! I mean, I love Juicy but I’ve steered clear of the really bright colors and logos. This is nice!

  • MizzJ

    Wow very nice JC! I’m impressed, this isn’t the usual velvet and huge ass logo fare they generally put out! The color is so sweet and I love the girly charms.

  • Free

    This bag screams: I’M A WOMAN AND I KNOW MY WORTH! Thank de hemel (the heavans) for this logo-free fare and it’s demure hue! Someone at JC got it right! Not all of us are out there jumping up and down for attention trying to prove to everyone else how much we’ve got it goin’ on! Some of us just know it with quiet confidence. This bag speaks to the latter crowd – and to everyone else. If this bag ever makes it to LAPOE (lapoebags.info) it wouldn’t be there long before some wise and beautiful creature would snap it up!

  • lunatwinkle

    Omigosh, I love that bag! I agree, I normally hate Juicy because their bags are covered with logos and scream Juicy. But this is perfect!

  • sandybags

    you know I bought two bags from them recently. very simple and plain with small logo you can’t see. it’s great. and their soft leather is coach quality which kicks butt!

  • Yana

    They have it in other colors. I love it. I like the new direction they are taking their accessories – no longer (all) velour and terry terror.

  • QueenMAB

    This is actually quite lovely. I like the turn into grown up fare that they’ve been taking with their handbags lately. The color is quite lux, and the design is modern and function while still being fun – WITHOUT hanging 3 lbs of charms off of it. Congrats Juicy!

  • emm

    i am really loving it!
    it looks like a good size and anything that can go on the shoulder is total love!

  • Ahmed

    Very impressed, actually. Who knew Juicy had such fighting spirit? Or maybe it was all a horrible mistake and an intern switched the design before the “charm” and “logo” masters attacked that poor bag. Either way, I think we’re all happy.

  • cal

    It’s cute…and the handles make it even look bbag-esque in black.

  • Fashion Archives

    I’m glad that Juicy is branching out and not designing monogram print bags all the time. A girl can only have so many until it’s about time to branch out…..

  • Merve

    Wow Juicy has really shocked me…Loving this bag and the price is great as everyone is cutting back on expenses. I wont skip juicy bags anymore….

  • Denisse

    I’ve never had a pink handbag before but this one I think it’s beautiful.

  • Stella

    I buy more Juicy products for my pup rather than myself, but this handbag seriously has my attention. The simple color mixed with the plush leather has class. I wouldn’t mind sporting it on my shoulder! Less “logo” and “charms” is a good move.

  • coco

    I think our Juicy is finally growing up!

  • Limey

    I love the colour of the bag… and how there are no big letters spelling out Juicy Couture. Very professional looking. =)

  • parkeedoo

    what a beauty! So hottt!..

  • Jenifer

    I love thus bag! I am a satchel girl and would be happy to have this baby on my arm. I am into purse charms so I adore the charms too. This is a find!

  • Kathy

    I saw the black version in Nordstrom. I like it and consider to buy one if there is a deal.

  • Beth

    I love is bag it screams flirty and spring. I love that it’s leather and will not be as easy to stain on the bottom as other bags of this color would. This is a great girl bag!

  • Noida

    I’m a juicy couture fan, i try to buy all the new designs of every bag when i can and lova love it!!

  • Bonniesgirl

    Love the pale pink color for Spring and Summer!

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  • Anneka

    Bargain very pretty!

  • hazel

    I really like the pale pink with the gold hardware, it’s so pretty. I’m also glad to see that there is no logo, I don’t really like huge logos on my bags, people should be able to see the quality of the bag in its design, not it’s logo.