J. Crew Small Leather Thompson Tote

So, I got laid off yesterday. Don’t feel bad for me, though, I was going to quit later this week anyway. It was a bit frustrating, though, in the same way that being dumped by one of my ex-boyfriends was frustrating – I was planning on breaking up with him anyway, but he got to say it first, which made me seem like the loser. And, technically, the dumpee. Or fire-ee, at this point. So, until things settle down, I’m going to have to lust after some less expensive bags! My first post-employment pick is the J. Crew Small Thompson Tote in Buttercup for the low, low sale price of $100. The great secret about J. Crew bags is that their leather is thick and luxurious, even though their prices aren’t out-of-this-world. This little tote is sunny, optimistic, and telling me that I’ll have a regular paycheck again soon. And the recession Gods have smiled on me, because not only is the handbag on sale, but code EXTRA20 at J. Crew will get you an extra 20% off their current sale prices. So, if you still have a job, go shop so I can live vicariously through you! Buy through J. Crew for $100 .

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  • Fiona

    Hi Amanda:
    Am sorry for the news. It really is such a bummer.
    Hang in there and here’s to feeling optimistic in this difficult period of time.

  • Tiffany

    Not to worry, Amanda – you’re moving on to bigger and better things! And kudos to you for marching on. =)

    Also – great pick for a yummy leather bag that won’t break the bank!

  • MizzJ

    Cute bag! Don’t feel bad, I’m sure everyone is going to tell you you’ll find a better new job soon, but hey, that’s what you have to think b/c anything else is counterproductive right? Just take this time to enjoy being able to sleep in and surf the Internet for hot new bags without having to worry your boss will catch you ;)

  • Graciella

    That lovely bag will brighten up anyone’s life, and you seem to need it most now Amanda. I’m sure you’ll find a job that is much nicer than the one you had. Hang in there, and treat yourself to a nice handbag :-)

  • dierregi

    I wish you the best of luck for your future career. I also got laid off several years ago and immediately after that, I had some of the best experiences of my life (both private and professional). Love the buttercup tote, really sunny and optimistic :-)

  • hns4ever

    Sorry for the bad news! But…I’m sure it’s better that way anyways. I wanted to let you know that I love your posts! Anyhow, good luck and I know things will look up very quickly!

  • Rosemary

    OK, reg bag from a reg store, for a reg price. I can deal.

  • A.P

    why is it better to be laid off than quit? one word: severance. good luck and hopefully your ideal job comes along soon!

  • venugopal

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