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  • Jennifer

    You should probably just not do this feature. The main attraction of this site is not to find used bags to buy. This content seems just to not fit in with the rest of PurseBlog and it’s just a little strange overall. It just seems peculiar to highlight ebay.

    • Many people only want to buy brand new bags, and I totally get that – 95% of the time I’m one of them. But there are many people who buy bags second-hand, for many reasons, some being it’s out of season or they want a deal or it’s a hard to find bag. We want this to be a feature for those readers!

      • K

        I agree with Meg :)

    • Patsy

      You can always choose not to click, like one can choose to buy a brand new or used bag.

  • kevlovlevis

    I just want to say that that Dior bad is actually not authentic, so you might want to take that off for the integrity of Purseblog

    • ThisVNChick

      Well since your PM box is full on purse forum, please PM me at ThisVNChick. I would love to hear why you think this is a fake, as this bag is MINE. And as an authenticator on the Dior subforum, I would LOVE to know your expert advice on this Dior bag that I personally purchased at the Dior boutique.

      • michelle

        i’m glad you chimed in because your bag is really lovely and comparing it to my recently purchased LD directly from Dior, i could see no difference. i’m also glad this is a weekly feature on purseblog for all the reasons Megs pointed out. you guys do such an A-MAZ-ING job on here!!

      • ThisVNChick

        Wow, amazing. The moment I PMed kevlovlevis on purse forum, the first thing that is said is “I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t even know how to authenticate a Dior bag”. Then I refresh this page and the comment has mysteriously been deleted.

        Purseblog, although I love you, you really need to do a better job at monitoring comments that people leave. I understand that everyone has the right to express their opinions, BUT comments like the one left by kevlovlevis about how the Lady Dior bag is fake, should really be reviewed before they are allowed to be posted.

      • We monitor comments as they are posted, but do not put comments into a holding pattern to all be monitored and approved.

        We always allow people to share opinions, but after we looked into this, we do not believe the bags in this week’s roundup need to be questioned.

  • Jess

    I disagree with Jennifer. I love this feature – great picks. Nice to see what is out there on the resale market. I buy both brand new and lightly used bags so it definitely speaks to me. Thank you!

  • michelle

    i disagree with Jennifer as well, i think it’s really fun to see what’s out there! also kevlovlevis, gosh that LD bag looks completely authentic, i just purchased a LD from dior and i’m looking at the pictures of that bag on ebay – it seems authentic – maybe there is a telltale sign i’m missing somehow….

  • dana

    Jennifer as someone whom is a serious handbag collector of both vintage and new, you are very short sided and your comment to me makes absolutely no sense. People both in the fashion biz and out look to all types of venues for collecting/purchasing. You obviously are not a serious fashionphile.

  • Maice

    I appreciate this feature. I am only just discovering the vintage and pre-loved market myself, and I know many out there shop vintage and/or pre-loved. I used to be one of those people who just shopped brand new and in-store (I still do for the models available in-store whenever possible), but I can certainly appreciate vintage and pre-loved. Anyway, I was just wondering if the bags posted here in this weekly feature are authenticated first by the PurseBlog staff? Just curious. :D

    • We have extensively looked into the bags we include and also looked into the sellers. As we state above, we do not guarantee authenticity, but we have researched every bag and seller :)

      • Maice

        Thanks for the reply. I missed the disclaimer at the bottom, it seems. :)

  • Jennifer

    How funny!!! I love looking at the Purseblog & Forum. To my shock there was my Bottega Veneta bag that I was selling!! Thank you for the feature!!

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