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  • Hmmm, it will be hard for me to resist the C-Lock suede bucket bag, we don’t have any bag of that style in our coleaction at http://www.EllenVicius.com, and this one is with a great price, thank you!

    • katrina

      agreed. all that you seem to have in your collection are knockoffs of Valentino, Celine, Chloe etc. Not the best forum to advertise your wares. People who visit this site appreciate authenticity and creativity.

      • In terms of aesthetics and design we have always followed a line of finding a compromise between a classic but also timeless design, and in that compromise is natural that we were inspired in precedent designs, but always applying our authentic aesthetical choices. And besides, there are models that i find very similar in different brands.

    • Sara

      As a bag lover, I am indiscriminate. Some of your bags are OK. But The Vanity and Janine resemble Valentino and Celine waaaay too much and therefore cheapen the rest of them. Sorry.

      • Hello Sara! Thank you, an OK is always something ;) Regarding our models resembling anothers, i could give you the same answer that i gave to Sara, right now we are focusing in finding a classic but timeless look, and that may help the risk of having models that resemble the ones of other brands. But honestly, i’m 100% confident in our bags durability and quality of materials and production, so, i would never find them to be cheap anything.

      • Sara

        I do like the red lust. Very rich :-)

      • Thank you Sara!

  • Anon

    The mini Emile is showing up full price in the link to Nordstrom?

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  • Sara

    Loooove Alexander Wang. Overall great deals here. Thank you.