While this sale is titled the end of summer sale, let’s just call it what it is: the last sale of Bird Handbags… EVER. At least under that name. We introduced you to Bird Handbags at the end of 2007. The easy, laid back designs have a distinct upscale vibe to them; the line’s look is very haute hippy. The smaller designer line was gathering some eyes online.

But a problem arose when Juicy Couture named their new line Bird. After Liz Carey, designer of Bird Handbags, reached out to Juicy Couture informally about the issue, Carey realized she would need to sue the company. And then ensued a fight that seemed like a sure-win for Carey, but it was not.

Carey told Fashionista.com in an interview on this subject, “I want people to support young designers. I trademarked my company and did everything I was supposed to do. It’s a good lesson for people who want to start a brand, to know this and know that it’s out there. A big conglomerate shouldn’t be allowed to do this.”

With expenses getting out of hand, Carey decided to stop her fight and rename her company. Bird Handbags will no longer be Bird Handbags, rather Liz Carey Bags.

In order to sell out the last of the official Bird Handbags stock, Liz Carey is offering her notably hippie chic bags at significantly marked down prices. We have the sale info for all of you as Liz wanted to share this with PurseBlog readers! Support a great lady and her beautiful bags at marked down prices!

Shop the Bird Handbags End Sale now!

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  • Franca

    sorry to hear that ;o)) I love love those bags ..hope they will keep that nice logo …

  • !!!

    that really is unfortunate. i hope she keeps on truckin’ cuz her bags are beautiful!

  • meme

    I hate to hear of stories like this. I was never a fan of Juicy and now I have one more reason to avoid them. Liz may you have an even brighter future ahead of you with the new name.

  • skywalker

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  • Jelita78

    aaahhh.. so that is the history behind this brand..
    i was about to think it’s made off bird feathers or something.. LOL (ipad)