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  • Just a note that the image gallery shows above your copy, not below. Love the return of more personalized posts, and especially love Amanda’s editorial touch. Keep em coming!

    My best bag deals have always been my Kate Spades. Great quality for the money. I’ve been scouring ebay forever for a neutral Tods d bag (original style not the cube), a taupe Loewe Amazona 28, or a rise gold anthracite Balenciaga city (a la Megs) but alas, no great deals to be found.

    • Sorry, I can’t seem to see what is wrong with the gallery – can you explain a little more (might be dense!)

      Keep hunting! You never know when a great deal is looking for you! :)

      • When viewing purseblog on my phone, your copy always says ‘below, find…’ When in actuality the bag images to scroll through actually sit above your copy, not below. Test it and see! Sorry I work in marketing if it wasn’t obvious.

      • Ahh, we are just getting used to having the new mobile skin with the slide feature – but on a computer it’s always below! I’ll talk to the team!

  • Jon D.

    I love this post, as well as the previous posts that have come up this week. Wonderful job, PurseBlog Team! :)

    As for me, the best bag deal I scored was a Givenchy Obsedia Messenger Bag in black pepe leather at 70% off, from US $1850 to $550 (converted from Indonesian Rupiah.) When it first came on sale at my local Givenchy boutique in 2012, I passed on it since it was only at 40% and off my budget. A few months later, they brought it out on sale again at 50%! I was about to bite the bullet, but held off again. Which I came to regret for many months.

    Luckily, I asked about it again a year later and was told it was still available and held at their storage facility. This time it’ll be at 60% off during a private luxury sale. So I asked the GM to please hold it for me. To cut my long story short, I got my bag, and the cherry on the top? It was at 70% off! Best bag deal ever. :)

    • AHHH that is amazing! What a deal!

      Glad you are loving all the posts this week!

  • missarewa

    our posts have to await moderation now? but i’ve been nice! :(

    • They shouldn’t! Is that happening to you on other posts?!

      • missarewa

        No, just this one. I think it was because I put dollar signs in the response. i’ll repost it

      • So weird – $$$ signs are cool with me! ;)

  • c.Miller

    Loving all these posts this week!!

  • kindled

    I am still jealous of that white PS1 you got for $399!

  • guest

    best bag deal I got was when I gave away the megabucks I had being saving all year to treat myself to an IT bag to the local x-mas toy drive at the mall. It felt so good and I came home to find a Chanel mini classic flap under my tree-with courtesy of my parents!

  • missarewa

    the best deal I’ve got so far was a Ricky that I got for 675 from 2250!! all thanks to intel from the NYFW posts on PurseBlog. I still can’t believe it! I’ve carried her nonstop since.

    • I remember putting together that post and wondering if anyone would jump on the CRAZY Ricky sales! I’m so happy you did. What a fantastic price.

      • I’m mad I missed out, kicking myself!

      • missarewa

        I bought that bag 10 minutes after the post went up! I was on edge until they delivered it. You should’ve snagged it Megs, it’s a very well made bag and the leather is out of this world! Thanks for the intel Amanda

  • melissa

    at a giant thrift store near my house there was an authentic longchamp victoire for $1.99! i guess they priced it that low because they thought it was just a plastic bag (heh). this isn’t my photo but its the exact one i have. also, at the same store, i got a pristine vintage versace leather backpack for $40! i don’t know who would have donated either of those things

    • melissa

      oh no, i posted photos! where are they? :(

      • Vlad Dusil

        They show just fine!

      • LizzieHollowaybot

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  • Lisa Foster

    I found a Fendi baguette at a thrift store in Oklahoma for $2.00 ! I found a Badgley Mischka leather bag at a thrift store in Garland, TX for $10 !

  • wiscojackie

    MJ Stam in a gorgeous pink for $40.00!! It was at a local resale shop that didn’t know the difference between MJ and MBMJ!

  • Bobby

    I got a black and white leopard YSL Cassandre clutch for $440, originally $1090.

  • Anne C

    Nordstrom Rack has really good deals! I found my very first Balenciaga (purple city bag with silver normal hardware) there at 60% off! Granted it was altered and refurbished that’s why it was on sale… but it was still in an amazing condition because of the material! I heard from the employees that designer bags get sent at the Rack for over 50% off when they are altered/refurbished. This is apparently a rare occasion. It literally was a bargain deal!

  • Mya Wilkes

    Best bag deal i got was a one of a kind Miu Miu during the boxing day sales in London. It was on sale for 345 pounds from 800 pounds. I absolutely adore the bag.

    P.s. Loving the posts this past week, love the new website design as well. PB rocks!

  • Aurora

    There have been some great deals here! Congrats to all!

    My best deal was a Coach Kristin pinnacle woven leather tote in Denim. The bag retailed for $1200, but I managed to get it for $300.

  • Lorelei1959

    My mom’s Birkin is the best – classic and free! Hee hee hee!

  • BFrank

    I have found the sweetest deals on my Chloe bags! My first was a Heloise in dusty rose, originally $1695, I bought for $500. Recently, I scored a medium Marcie in tan for $800, originally $1800 and a mahogany Alice tote also for $800 originally $2000.

  • Alyson

    My best deal has got to be the vintage Gucci camera bag (coated cotton) in the classic logo print (navy) with the red & green stripe down the middle that I got for $1.50 from a thrift store in a strip mall near my grandma’s house in Florida. They had no idea what it was! And the craziest part is that 2 years earlier at that same store, I’d gotten a matching little french purse style wallet for .50 cents! Matching pieces years apart for the most insane prices. How does that even happen?!

  • shueaddict

    Megs takes the cake !!!! The outnet has been very good to me too .

  • Dragonness

    My best deal is still a huuugely expensive bag: it’s an Hermes Plume I got at the bi-annual Hermes warehouse sale in NYC for 60% off by getting in line at 5am. It cost me about $2100. And I still can’t bring myself to wear the damn thing, four years later. Meanwhile Hermes has stopped selling bags at the warehouse sale, which makes it extra special.

  • Kerri

    I got my first Balenciaga from a consignment shop in Fort Lauderdale. Pre-Loved Black Classic City bag for only $300 a few months ago before the price increase. It was such a steal and I love it so much.

  • Smooth Caramel

    i got an amazing deal on a teal green lambskin prada clutch at nordstrom for about $300 about 6 years ago! still soft as ever as well as a green LV epi leather cross body bag from the annual portero sale for $200 – now use it as travel on the go purse.

  • One of my best and recent deals (yes I made several amazing deals over the years) is a new Celine classic box with 90% off. In python. Oh yes!

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    I loooove that PS1 crocodile skin bag. Now that’s really a steal! I got this Emilio Pucci Newton shouder bag/clutch/tophandle bag from TK Maxx. Was priced around 1300-1400€ when it first came out and I got it for only €300!!!!

  • FashionableLena

    I found an Alexander Wang Rocco bag at a thrift store for $25 in the fall 2012 Cayenne color.


    Wow! Reading all these posts makes me want to go to the local thrift stores and check out if i can get lucky also! What great finds! :)

  • Jen Martin

    I got a Marc Jacobs Incognito for $345 at an outlet and it retailed for $2300. I also just got a Balenciaga Town for $1000 off retail.

  • I just did a post on all my finds! I’ll do an abridged version here. Since I’m Canadian, I’ll convert to USD and include shipping/taxes/duties where it applies. In order of percentage saved:

    1. Proenza Schouler PS1 Large – White. Retail: $2,935. I paid: $240 – 92% off
    2. Alexander Wang Isis clutch. Retail: $1,050. I paid: $117.50 – 89% off (Bought this one about an hour ago today)
    3. Balenciaga Classic City – Oxblood. Retail: $1,895. I paid: $221.50 – 88% off
    4. Alexander Wang Marion – Black w/ Rose Gold. Retail: $675. I paid: $144.65 – 79% off
    5. Alexander Wang Fumo – White w/ Rose Gold. Retail: $225. I paid: $91.64 – 59% off

    I have every bag I’ve ever wanted (except for the Balenciaga Giant clutch and I’d like a medium PS1 rather than my large) and I’ve never spent over $240. Of course, this only applies to preowned items and I don’t mind a little bit of love.

    My advice: patience and persistence! And a little bit of compromise when it comes to condition.