Beau Soleil Beau Bag
The eco friendly Beau Soleil Beau Bag

The eco friendly rage is still going strong, but now many people are trying to buy eco friendly because they know it actually does in fact help the environment (ok and if you do not, just quite reading from here down). Some designers are coming out with eco friendly leather bags, but I also like the idea of cotton canvas totes. The Beau Soleil Beau Bag reads ‘reduce recycle renew’ on the front and sports cargo style snap-patch pockets on the front, back, and sides. The bag is designed with organic, raw cotton canvas, which of course is environmentally friendly and the knot detailed handles are designed with recycled, double rope. This bag is ready to help the environment while being usable and practical, sporing many outside and inside compartments. Dimensions are 13″H x 16″L x 4″D with a 7″ strap drop. Buy through Shop Bop for $44.

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  • mette

    This bag looks easy and it is cheap. Surely more people would want to buy eco-friendly bags if a large sum of what the bag costs went for a good cause.

  • amanda

    I think it’s cute, but the message is kind of jaded. The best way to be eco-friendly is to reuse. Sure, buying organic cotton is great, but you are still consuming something new. However, if everyone reused old canvas bags laying around their house, no one would go out and buy this one :roll:

    • Jahpson

      great point!!

  • janis

    I love this bag. Just got one and will use it for groceries!
    Thanks Megs…

  • Jenifer

    :roll: Love this bag but not the concept. I really wish this was a recyceled bag. Check out my blog at

  • mette

    I agree with Amanda. Surely we could reuse bags canvas or not. It is also refreshing to check your wardrobe frequently and sell or give away clothes,bags,shoes,whatever and only keep the ones you really like. A good rule is that if something comes in,something goes out.

  • Shan

    I think this is a great idea! Not only will be you walking around town sporting a cool bag, you will be in a sense, advertising for a great cause.

  • Erin

    Yep, it’s pretty hilarious that “reuse” is left out. I guess it has to be if you’re buying a new bag.

  • Ja Ja Ja Purses

    I think the bag is very commercial. My sister and I have been making really fabulous bags and purses for seven years. We use extraordinary fabric which have had a prior life or are reclaimed vintage fabrics. Get real about being “green”. and Go recycling!

  • Catherine


    It’s made from unused food papers … its recycled….

    and its really fashionable.-..

    :roll: :lol:

  • baglady


  • vera

    :cry: Very flimsy bag. In the pics where it stands on its own
    they must be holding it up with fishing line! I agree with most above, buy a truly recycled material bag or make one of your own with old materials/jeans. You will get better quality and really be helping to recycle.