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  • Amunet

    The Bottega is lovely.

  • Nene

    Amanda, Do you think the fact that there are so many designer bags on sale indicates that consumers aren’t willing to pay the regular prices which have gotten so high in the past few years?

    • Sara

      I think when ordinary people want to buy a designer bag particularly a popular “it bag” they tend to go for a practical colour like black for example. Which explains why most popular designer sales are rarely black or tan.

    • rigidmink

      isn’t it just sale season…? retailers know that this time of the year is when people are opening up their wallets. they’re just making stock move faster by marking down the prices.

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  • Irene

    I’ll reply since she cannot/will not implicate herself by responding to that. The answer is YES. The average person cannot justify dropping 2-3 grand on a bag. Even many people who can afford it still think it’s crazy. Only celebrities and many of us purse whores(myself included in that), lust after these bags and will justify the purchase. These companies keep pushing the increases every year to see how far they can take it. LV is guilty of that, not to mention many others.
    Happy to see they are forced to make these markdowns.

  • L.O.

    Most of these bags would be considered seasonal or part of a specific collection that are no longer relevant to the upcoming collections. They need to make room for the new pieces and also maintain a budget in order to do so for markdowns and buys for the next year. These bags go on sale because people play it safe when buying there bag, they do want something practical for the most part if you are the average consumer. Most of these pieces aren’t for the average customer, most of the time they considered unique, rare, special, or ugly, by some people, but, if you buy one you get to say that you have a bag from a specific collection that will no longer be available and is special not only to you but to that designer and collection as well. The price markdown isn’t because they are to expensive, it’s based on economics 101, supply + demand = price and in with the new out with the old.