marc by marc jacobs smart slouchy.jpg

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sew Smart Slouchy | Elaborate patchwork denim | $228.00 | via eLuxury!

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  • Lisa

    OMG it looks like a knapsack a hobo (the person, not the bag) might be carrying. Put it on a stick and sling it over his shoulder! (Sorry, it’s just MO)

  • Olga

    Incredibly ugly, in the same league as the Fendi Xerxes bag. :evil: Looks like someone’s unwashed pants. Totally yuck!

  • Margarita

    So fugly…reminds me of pants that should be put on a scarecrow..

    I’d go for denim Louis instead.. :razz:

  • fashionista

    :evil: i hate it, amd i hate denim bags

  • Erin

    I could make that!!

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  • Charlie


    I swear they were selling a nicer version of that bag at KMart in 1986.

  • old man jenkinz

    :eek: :lol: :smile: :shock: OMG guys i remember this . it was the first bag he made when younger. thats wy its sold at kmart.