Who: Carlos Falchi

What: Leopard Totes

Where: Bloomingdale’s and Saks

When: Available now!

Why: These totes are cute, affordable, and lightweight. Carlos Falchi may be known for his exotic skin bags, but while these ultra suede leopard print totes are not exotic they pack an animalistic punch with the print. The small size is $185 while the medium size is $220. Colors available include black, chocolate, grey, rust, and purple.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • zaali

    I love these totes. Megs, no offense to others, but I love your blogs…Always looking up first for the name of the piece and then reading it…

    • Thanks Zaali!!! :)

      • zaali

        I am always looking forward to details about bags that have something special from your blog segment…isn’t it funny? Even a blog reader may have a fave blogger…:D (fb)

      • It is funny! But also very appreciated. I get used to seeing comments from certain people too so I almost get a sense of their style, what they will like/dislike, etc. It is much more close knit than not :)

  • marina t

    i love the yellow one for summer! nice bags and i like the price too, these are so me:-) (fb)

  • Amy Beth

    Super cute, but do they hold up? They’re pretty big, but would they hold a textbook or laptop? I wouldn’t use them for my main purse because, as I always say, I worry too much about someone reaching in and grabbing my wallet on the subway. (fb)

    • liz

      I have bought a new tote every season and have always stuffed it to capacity- laptop, textbook and even groceries…they are very durable!

  • Pat

    These look very cute and very fun. (fb)

  • Raleine

    i definitely love these totes (fb)

  • Stacy

    I love his stuff. They are well made and light. Will def. check this out. (fb)

  • Monique

    counting down (fb)

  • Debbie C

    Wish the straps were a bit thicker. (fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    Those are really great patterns and colors. The metallics really make it stand out but I have to agree with Debbie and wished the straps were thicker. (fb)

  • mai

    Very nice price for a decent size bag! (fb)

  • covertanjou

    Love the colors and the cost!! I do wish the straps were a little thicker. (fb)

  • Jo-Anne

    I checked both the Bloomingdale’s and Saks website and I didn’t see this bag. I like the orange/gold and gray/silver ones. (fb)

    • It might only be in stores right now and not online. Hate when that happens!

  • Bibi Wan

    i love the silver colour <3 and yea i do agree with the straps. little be thicker would be awesome. (fb)

  • Ashley

    Oh I love the black and grey ones! Too cute!


  • Barb

    I likw an animal print tote! I’m carying a blue leopard coated canvas RM tote today! This is my new go to work bag! So cute and adds great pop! (fb)

  • Leslie

    I’ve been into animal prints recently but I don’t like how thin these straps appear. (fb)

  • Kayla

    I’ve seen these bags in person and these just didn’t do it for me! I love all of his other bags though. (fb)

  • swags

    I love the silver! Very cute tote and I don’t think I would see a lot of these around town.

  • Valentina

    Is really hard for me to hate a bag, but I hate almost everything about this one, especially the straps. (fb)

  • Yiling

    These are cute, but I think I like the old style better. I have an extra large black suede version of the Carlos Falchi totes, and it holds up so incredibly well! The thin straps get a bit uncomfortable, but definitely heads up for the durability of these bags. (fb)

  • faith24

    they are a bit tacky to me. i am not a big fan of animal print on bags (do not mind it in clothes or shoes) so i am prejudiced somewhat (fb)

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  • Jane

    I really love these totes super cute, fun and affordable. I can see myself not only using one, but all with many outfits. Its casual and chic so you can dress it up or down depending on task and mood. (fb)

  • Roxanna

    Even for the nice price I think ill pass (fb)

  • Beth

    Great colours and I love the animal print. Don’t think you could go wrong with any of them. Fun for the summer too. I love a tote. (fb)

  • sunchicka

    Very nice totes! Facebook fan:sun chicka

  • Monique

    Will go perfectly with a dress I just bought (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    Great Totes! I think I could only pull of the silver and grey combo though (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    I love the bronze even though I have never liked anything in that color before ! Agree with Debbie C. that the shoulder straps need to be thicker. My summer totes get everything stuffed in them so they need to be up to it. (fb)

  • Mika

    summer appropriate. love them. (fb)

  • Kate

    not worth 148 (fb)

  • Kiwishopper

    Never liked any of their design, this one is no exception (fb)

  • Tamee

    Just not a fan of a shiny leopard print. Too gaudy for me.

  • Sofia Nolan

    nein nein nein nein…. I don`t like them at all.

  • Monique

    It’s Wednesday. I’m hopeful about the Linea Pelle giveaway! (fb)

  • kim

    I love me some leopard! (fb)

  • Kate

    Not my fav, but could be a fun bag for school. (fb)

  • Denise

    Too crazy. I’m too boring to pull this off! (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    They look so cheaply made. (fb)