I understand the absurdity of calling a $9,750 bag a deal. But when it comes to an entirely exotic crocodile skin bag from the luxury house Bottega Veneta, this *IS* a deal. In fact it is a half-off-the-original-price deal. And that, dear readers, is quite the steal in the handbag world.

We all love Bottega Veneta at PurseBlog, as do many of our readers. Their classic Veneta is the want and desire of many fashionistas. Talk about the perfect timeless neutral, the Bottega Veneta Large Veneta Crocodile Bag is now the desire of my handbag loving heart. When you see the new price tag, marked down from $19,500, this bag seems like it may just be a workable option.

Grab a great (but still pricey) bag deal via the Outnet for $9,750.

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  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Stunning bag! Love it.

  • Earmuffs

    The skin is absolutely beautiful!

  • kl

    too expensive nothing outstanding to make me like this bag anything over 1500 is meant for the wealthy
    but mot for us average guys

  • sue

    Exactly the cost of half a new roof I was just quoted… I’m pretty sure which way my dh will lean, but I will check…

  • Vitta

    This is a very strange skin treatment that makes it look like “embossed leather”. I guess it could be a reason the handbag is discounted from $19,500 to $9,750.

    • Lynne

      I totally agree with you!
      We need to check it out in person.

  • Amber

    There are some other great purses to look at on http://enjoythrityone.com

  • edoardo

    It’s great that Bottega Veneta purposes such a huge sale on this amazing bag. Really good price and bag ;)


  • Mochababe73

    I like the size and shape. That’s saying alot for me because I do not like Bottega Veneta. Their bags always seem dated to me.
    If I had seen this on someone in our high-end mall, I would have never thought it was a $10,000 handbag. It doesn’t even look like real animal hide.

  • Staci

    It’s, without a doubt, a beautiful bag!

  • kl

    very nice bag but if i gave in and wanted a croc bag i would go with a NG more up to date styles and 1/3 the price

  • gail

    How can anyone NOT love this bag!

  • 19yearslater

    I’m glad BV surely gave many ladies the chance to be delighted over the price reduction, but unsurprisingly this is not my style.

  • annabelle

    wow a croc below $20,000 is still an amazing price no?
    gorgeous bag!!!

  • Klara

    Wow, I would love to feel that crocodile skin in real life.. Must be so buttery!


  • XXAL

    looks very smooth! but it looks very inconvenient to use at the same time.. thick single handle and the zipper underneath it is just not my thing..

  • Candace

    I normally am not a fan of BV, but this bag is gorgeous! If I had an extra $10K, maybe…

  • Fifi

    LOVE IT! If only I could afford it…lol


  • ChanelAngel

    I agree with Mochababe73. Wouldn’t give it a 2nd glance if someone was carrying it on the streets.

  • Angela


  • qudz

    i really love it! However, i never was a fan of this ginger color.. Nor do i have the kind of money to even discuss buying this bag lol.. Butttt it is very nice.

  • nick

    Bottega Veneta does not do embossed exotics.